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When Beelzebub, now with a transfigured appearance corresponding to His merits and visible to all, had occupied His usual place, Ahoon, His old servant who had been close to Him during almost the whole of His existence, unexpectedly fell prostrate before Him and in a sincerely entreating voice began to speak:

"Sacred Podkoolad of our Great Megalocosmos! Have mercy upon me and pardon me, an unfortunate ordinary three-centered being, for my past disrespectful manifestations, voluntary and involuntary, towards Your Sacred Essence."
Have mercy and pardon me: just this three-centered being, who, though he has existed a very long time, yet to his misfortune—only because in his preparatory age nobody aided the crystallization in him of the data for the ability of intensively actualizing being-Partkdolg-duty— had until now been so shortsighted that he had been unable to sense the reality present beneath an exterior with which, according to the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat, all those existing and newly arising units of the Megalocosmos are coated, who ought to have in their presence that sacred 'something' which is called Reason."

Having said this, Ahoon stood as if sunk in a stupor of silent expectancy.

And Beelzebub, also in silence, gazed at him with a look which, though perceived externally from without was full of love and forgiveness, yet there could be felt in it also His Essence-grief and inevitable resignation.

During this afore-described scene, Hassein stood apart in the posture everywhere called the 'posture-of-the-all-famous- universal-hermit,' Harnatoolkpararana of the planet Kirmankshana. And when a little bit later Beelzebub cast His eyes around and noticed His grandson in the said posture, He turned to him and said:

"What, my boy! Can it be that the same proceeds in your presence as in our old Ahoon's?"

(Please note that the page references to 'Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson' are to the English translation published in 1950 which was translated from the Russian (the language which Gurdjieff primarily wrote in) and, having being completed before Gurdjieff's death, would have been approved by him. Unfortunately the translation printed in 1992 under the direction of Jeanne de Salzmann (she having the claim that Gurdjieff entrusted his organization to her) has certain differences that may or may not be correct, although its intent was to be closer to the substance of the Russian version.
Fortunately the 1950 version is available online here. (Index with titles is shown in "My outline on All and Everything" below.)

* Index to my lectures on YouTube

* My outline on All and Everything: Beelezebub's Tales to His Grandson

* His Endlessness creates: Cosmoses by changing the sacred law of Heptaparaparshinokh

* My Solution to the Enigma of the Key to Soul Is Within The Missing Stopinder in the Food Octave
(Gurdjieff's mistake of a missing Stopinder in Beelzebub's Tales?)

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* Kundabuffer and the Limbic System: The Soul is Sex but Sex is not Soul

* Placing the Major Arcana Cards of the Tarot on the Kabbalah; Correcting the upside-down order; Finding the engine of the Sephiroth that bridges the discontinuities of the Gurdjieff Enneagram: Major Arcana-Kabbalah

Expanding the Food Octave of the Body to the Spirit and the Soul
and attempting to map the corresponding organs: Three Body Enneagram (Under construction)

Reordering and assigning the Days of Creation to be used in Three Body Enneagram above: Genesis Creation and Enuma Elish of the Sumerians

* Analyzing all areas of Arcane Philosophy to expand the Enneagram of Gurdjieff/Ouspensky will be next.

* System of Archangel Hariton: "Being Partkdolg Duty"

* Chapter 27: Definition of the "Second Conscious Shock" and the "Five Being Obligolnian Strivings"

* Chapter 38: Judas was a traitor - Gurdjieff was wrong

* Second Series: 11 Remarkable Men & 1 Woman: Summary of Gurdjieff's "Meetings with Remarkable Men"

* Third Series: "Life is Real Only Then, When I Am"- Rebuttal of published book

* My experience with the mania of : "self-observation"

* Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous: Index

* Gurdjieff's Grave: Is the Soul eternal?

* Wonderful write up on Gurdjieff's life and teachings: Geni website

* The decoding of Gurdjieff's humorous expressions
by my dear friend Alan Bennett (departed): gurdjieffisms

*Music for Gurdjieff Movement Set 39
Excellent pdf about the Movements

* The Science of the Four States of Consciousness: Commentary on talk by Dr. Fred Travis

* Entangled Quantum particles prove Gurdjieff's Neutral force: Qubits (Quantum Bits) can be both positive or negative at the same time. Their state can only be determined by observation

* Excellent comparison of two similar theories of the creation of the earth and moon and the relationship of the sacred substances of askokin and gold.: "Gurdjieff, Beelzebub, and Zecharia Sitchin" (An Abridged Essay from Appendix III of "The Three Dangerous Magi" by P.T. Mistlberger on Andy Lloyd's site.)

(See my song "Hassein Crying" below). What was not mentioned in this essay above was Beelzebub's horns in Form and Sequence as Anunnaki gods were depicted with horns. Also, in the Fourth Sojourn to Earth, Beelzebub claims that apes were caused by the interbreeding of humans and animals, whereas in the Sumerian story, the God Enki created humans from mixing the ovum of a female ape with his sperm to grow inside Ninmah's womb to create the first human (Enki & Ninmah 20-23)

(Stichin's theories were incomplete and flawed, for instance he claimed that the planet Nibiru was Marduk and other planets were gods, which contradicts other Sumerian and Babylon tablets, but it had a ring of truth about it and clearly come from ancient historical knowledge.)

Just a word about me: I attended the Institute for Religious Development headed by W. A. Nyland right after graduating from Georgetown University Class of Clinton 68. When I asked Mr. Nyland in a private session why there was a missing substance after Piandjoehary (See Gurdjieff's Food Octave), he asked me if I had read Beelzebub's Tales and I replied I had read it five times. Then he asked if I had followed the reading instructions at the beginning. I replied no and he suggested that I do so! I guess he did not know the answer. Since then I have only found one person, also from Nyland's group*, who is willing to admit to a discrepancy. As to my credentials I can only say I was one of Nyland's best wheelbarrow pushers and I adored his piano playing and my name is almost the same: Dylan. I have also had a chance to meet with Estelle Hoyt and some Gurdjieff groups in Seattle and Vancouver. Unfortunately, I had to break with those work-farm schools as I found that "Beelezbub's Tales to His Grandson" had an different
message these copycat Gurdjieff or Ouspensky schools. If work-farms or retreats are the only way to achieving a Soul then there must be a fifth way!

So there it is. Please write me with a better solution or just to say that you liked this site or to discuss issues. But never worship or blindly follow any individual who is dead -- look at what happened to Christianity.

(There are many people who feel that to mispronounce Gurdjieff's name is proof of ignorance. I was taught "gurd-Jeef" and the favored one is "Gurd-jev", but I did finally hear the first pronunciation, though with more of a Russian accent, in the wonderful movie: "I am Gurdjieff; I will not die!"). I decided to use a combination of the two as "gurd-Jev"

Here are two YouTube songs I wrote called "My Body Kesdjan and "Hassein Crying" which are influenced by Gurdjieff's writing:

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