Gurdjieff's Creation Story Deciphered in two Enneagrams

© 2022 by Dylan Stephens

Before launching into the metaphysics of Gurdjieff's unique version of Creation, the most important contribution contained in the last half of this essay is the deciphering of two strange anomolies:

  1. "Explanation for the Shortening and Lengthening of Two Stopinders" because if Stopinders are notes then "shortening or lengthening" cannot affect the note; only the timing of the note. If Stopinders are the spaces between notes then "shortening and lengthening" is illogical.
  2. "Deciphering the Strange Power of 'Harnel-Aoot'" which creates the whole Universe with no explanation of how, being a disharmony, it could accomplish this feat.

Gurdjieff's Imaginative Creation Story shown with two Three Body Enneagrams

All civilizations have a Creation Story to understand how they began. The hope is that this understanding will give a purpose to life especially since life seems to vary from good to bad, from pain to ecstasy, from heaven to hell.

The Judeo-Christian version contains two Creations, God pronounces that the first Creation was 'good'. In Gurdjieff's Creation this would be an affirmation that the Law of Triamazikamno (the Law of Three) and Law of Heptaparaparshinokh (the Law of Seven) were fully functioning as 'Autoegocrat'. The Law of Seven resembles the Seven Days of the Judeo-Christian Creation showing that the Law of Seven is a universal law. The Law of Three is in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Immediately following the first Judeo-Christian Creation, God proceeds to create mankind over again with Adam and Eve from dust and by tempting them to eat a forbidden fruit that contains the knowledge of good and evil, expels them from Paradise. The implication is that once we know the truth about the evil of the world, we must spend a lifetime trying to get back to Paradise, only to eventually die and then perhaps return again to Paradise. This brings to thought the question of whether Paradise ever existed until we were thrown out.

In Gurdjieff's Creation Story 'His Endlessness' (God) is existing with his cherubim and seraphim on a place called the Holy Sun Absolute realizing that his domain will eventually disappear from the erosion of Time itself. The solution of 'His Endlessness' is to modify the sacred Law of Seven that exists inside the sacred Law of Three in order to create the whole Universe in order to replenish his domain. This clever metaphor falls apart because it is Time that confirms our existence. If one could forever sit still silently, Time would appear to stand still and in that moment there would be no thought, no feeling, no hunger; it would be Paradise or as Buddha would say: Nirvana. Yet our existence is subject to Time. If there were no Time then we or God would not exist.

In the Scientific Creation story, there is the concept of the Big Bang that is derived from our observation of galaxies moving out from an infinitesimal point into infinity. We may try to explain this with mathematics, thermodynamics, and physics, but the truth is that before the Big Bang there was no Big Bang. Something can not arise from nothing unless something is already present. Matter and Energy cannot be created or destroyed,

All Creation stories have as their basis the belief that total perfection once existed, yet we must face the truth that if this total perfection was left uncreated then we or God would not exist. All of Creation requires a change to the principles on which perfection existed. If it were possible for these changes to be reversed by everything and everyone, then this Perfection would eliminate the chance of anyone achieving Perfection; but if a few of us work towards Perfection, then it can be obtained. Thus, there will always be Good and Evil. All life is pain. This can be the salvation of the few.

Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 748-750

"In the beginning, when nothing yet existed and when the whole of our Universe was empty endless space with the presence of only the prime-source cosmic substance , 'Etherokrilno,' our present Most Great and Most Most Holy Sun Absolute existed alone in all this empty space, and it was on this then sole cosmic concentration that our UNI-BEING CREATOR with HIS cherubim and seraphim had the place of HIS most glorious Being.
From the third most sacred canticle of our cherubim and seraphim, we were worthy of learning that our CREATOR OMNIPOTENT once ascertained that this same Sun Absolute, on which HE dwelt with HIS cherubim and seraphim was, although almost imperceptibly yet nevertheless gradually, diminishing in volume.
During this review our OMNIPOTENT CREATOR for the first time made it clear that the cause of this gradual diminishing of the volume of the Sun Absolute was merely the Heropass, that is, the flow of Time itself.
Thereupon our ENDLESSNESS became thoughtful, for in HIS Divine deliberations HE became clearly aware that if this Heropass should so continue to diminish the volume of the Sun Absolute, then sooner or later, it would ultimately bring about the complete destruction of this sole place of HIS Being.
It was just then that our CREATOR ALL-MAINTAINER was forced to create our present existing 'Megalocosmos,' i.e., our World.
And so, in the beginning our Most Most Holy Sun Absolute was maintained by the help of these two primordial sacred laws (the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh and the sacred Triamazikamno); but then these primordial laws functioned independently, without the help of any forces whatsoever coming from outside, and this system was still called only the 'Autoegocrat.'"

The above figure first introduced in my talk 'All & Everything about Gurdjieff's Stopinders' was derived from the enneagram circle with the musical interval proportions mapped with a protractor using the formula: Interval*360-360. All twelve musical intervals are mapped for each of the three bodies: Body, Spirit and Soul. (Note that 'fa' is exactly on the right point of the inner triangle and 'la' is exactly on the left point with 'sol' at the base of the triangle exactly opposite the top of the triangle at 'do'.)

What is significant is that there are no points of action: everything is complete and perfect. There is no Universe and actually no Endlessness to observe it and thus there is really is no erosion of time. This 'Autoegocrat' octave, shown above, does not sound and no one hears it. Thus, His Endlessness had to have already created the Universe with imperfection in order for it to exist, as follows:

Explanation for the Shortening and Lengthening of Two Stopinders

Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 753

"Our COMMON FATHER OMNI-BEING ENDLESSNESS, having decided to change the principle of the maintenance of the existence of this then still unique cosmic concentration and sole place of HIS most glorious Being, first of all altered the process itself of the functioning of these two primordial fundamental sacred laws, and HE actualized the greater change in the law of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh.

These changes in the functioning of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh consisted in this, that in three of its Stopinders HE altered the what are called 'subjective actions' which had been until then in the Stopinders, in this respect, that

  1. in one HE lengthened the Stopinder between its third and fourth deflection ('mi'-'fa') ('mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In') for the purpose of providing the 'requisite inherency' for receiving, for its functioning, the automatic affluence of all forces which were near
  2. shortened the Stopinder between its last deflection and the beginning of a new cycle ('ti'-'do') ('intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In') to facilitate the commencement of a new cycle of its completing process
  3. in a third disharmonized the 'subjective action' of the Stopinder that is fifth in the general successiveness ('sol'-'la'). Its disharmony flowed by itself from the change of the two aforementioned Stopinders. As regards the third Stopinder, then changed in its 'subjective action' and which is fifth in the general successiveness and is called 'Harnel-Aoot,' its disharmony flowed by itself from the change of the two aforementioned Stopinders." (This third Stopinder would determine the outcome of the completed process.)

The explanation for this lengthening and shortening of two Stopinders can be shown by comparing the first diagram below titled 'Endlessness Autoegocrat' (which gives no gaps available for forces to enter in) to the second diagram labled 'Endlessness Altered Stopinders' which is the usual one first shown by Gurdjieff to Ouspensky, that allows for two gaps. To create this usual diagram from the diagram of 'Autoegocrat',

  • the right part must to be 'lengthened' as described in #1 so that fa' is below the triangle opening the at ('mi'-'fa')
  • and the left part of the circle must be 'shortened' as described in #2 to allow position 'la' to be above the inner triangle.
  • this opens a space at 'sol'-'la' as described in #3

These two places are the primary points where forces can be entered into the Enneagram to create the Sprit and Soul.

This second figure is filled out below and titled: Three-Body Enneagram: (It is discussed in detail in my essays: Three-Body Enneagram" and "Photonic Soul)

In the inner blue triangle of the Body, its righthand point is where the breath enters in and also becomes the starting 'do' of the Spirit Octave and its lefthand point represents the senses that become the starting point of the Soul Octave

Creation proceeds using the action of the Sacred-Triamazikamno

Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 751

"A new arising from the previously arisen through the "Harnel-miatznel," the process of which is actualized thus: the higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle and thus becomes either higher for the preceding lower, or lower for the succeeding higher; and as I already told you, this Sacred-Triamazikamno consists of three independent forces, which three holy forces of the sacred Triamazikamno the said science calls as follows:

  • the first, the Affirming-force' or the 'Pushing-force' or simply the 'Force-plus'" (Active);
  • "the second, the 'Denying-force' or the 'Resisting-force' or simply the 'Force-minus'" (Passive);
  • "and the third, the 'Reconciling-force' or the 'Equilibrating-force' or the 'Neutralizing-force.'" (Neutralizing)

and by means of the Amazing Power of the disharmonized
Third Stopinder (sol-la) 'Harnel-Aoot' defined below:

Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 754

Picking up from #3 (the third altered Stopinder listed previously):

#3 (neutralizing) (disharmonized) "As regards the third Stopinder, then changed in its 'subjective action' and which is fifth in the general successiveness" (sol-la) "and is called 'Harnel-Aoot', its disharmony flowed by itself from the change of the two aforementioned Stopinders." This disharmony in its subjective functioning, flowing from its asymmetry so to say in relation to the whole entire completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, consists in the following:

  • #1 If the completing process of this sacred law flows in conditions, where during its process there are
    many 'extraneously-caused-vibrations', then all its functioning gives only external results.
    (external 100%)
  • #2 But if this same process proceeds
    in absolute quiet without any external 'extraneously-caused-vibrations' whatsoever, then
    all the results of the action of its functioning remain within that concentration
    (internal 100%)

    in which it completes its process, and for the outside, these results only become evident on direct and immediate contact with it.
  • #3 And if however during its functioning there are neither of these two sharply opposite conditions,
    then the results of the action of its process usually divide themselves into the external and the internal."
    (50% external/50% internal)

Deciphering the strange power of the Third disharmonized position 'Harnel-Aoot'

How it is that 'Harnel-Aoot' can control all of Creation singlehandedly without the participation of the other changed Stopinders First (fa-sol) and Second (ti-do) seems inexplicable. Perhaps its name can shed light on it function as its prefix 'Harnel' is the same as "Harnel-miatznel," which is the process by which the three forces: active, passive and neutralizing combine together to create a tangible result. I believe that 'Harnel-Aoot' is actually three forces matching the three forces active, passive and neutralizing and thus Harnel-Aoot at position 'sol' (sol-la) should be designated as 'Harnel-Aoot #3' and then designating Harnel-Aoot #2' at position 'mi-fa' ('mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In') and 'Harnel-Aoot #1' at position 'ti-do' ('intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In').

  • Harnel-Aoot #3 50%/50% internal and external is appropriate for the position (sol-la) as this is the place in the Food Octave where energies can be directed towards the conception of a child by sexual energy or to one's own Soul.
  • Harnel-Aoot #1 100% external is appropriate for (ti-sol) as this is the place in the Food Octave where the completed Body helps the growth of Spirit and Soul.
  • Harnel Aoot #2 100% internal is appropriate for (mi-fa) for it is at this place in the Food Octave that Air is added from the Lungs to help the Body's internal growth.

From this it is possible to make sense of the Creation
of the three levels of the Megalocosmos:

  1. Sun - Milky Way created by Harnel-Aoot #1 ("extraneously-caused-vibrations'"- external 100%)
  2. Earth - All Planets created by Harnel-Aoot #2 ("absolute quiet" - internal 100%)
  3. Humans - Organic Life created by Harnel-Aoot #3 ("neither of these two sharply opposite conditions" - 50% external/50% internal)
First Order Sun Holy Sun AbsoluteTheomertmalogos
First Level of Creation
Second Order Sun StarSun
Grouping of Second Order SunsGalaxyMilky Way
Second Level of Creation
Third Order SunPlanetEarth
Grouping of Third Order SunsSolar SystemOur Solar System
Third Level of Creation
Microcosmoscells/atomsHuman Being
Grouping of Microcosmosorganic life/matterCivilizations
Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 757

"The Most Most Holy Theomertmalogos began to manifest itself in the quality of the third holy force" (Neutralizing) "of the sacred Triamazikamno; the results of any one of the newly arisen Second-order-Suns began to serve as the first holy force;" (Active) "and the results of all the other newly arisen Second-order- Suns in relation to this mentioned one newly arisen Sun, as the second holy force" (Passive) "of this sacred law."

(It is assumed that 'Harnel-Aoot' #1 acts here as it is listed first and the project needs 100% to produce the infinite results.)

Harnel-Aoot #1 (chaos) 100% external
(Milky Way)
DefterocosmosStar (Sun)
Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 757-758

"Thanks to the process of the common-cosmic sacred Triamazikamno thus established in the space of the Universe, crystallizations of different what is called 'density' gradually began to be formed around each of the Second-order-Suns out of that same prime-source Etherokrilno, and grouping themselves around these newly arisen Suns, new concentrations began to take form, as a result of which more new Suns were obtained, but this time 'Third-order-Suns.' These third-order concentrations are just those cosmic concentrations which at the present time are called planets."

(The assumption is that this is 'Harnel-Aoot' #2:100% internal for the reasons shown on the next level and it does appear to be manifested locally.)

Harnel-Aoot #2 (quiet) 100% internal
Mesocosmos All Planets (Solar System)
Tritocosmos Planet (Earth)
First LevelStars (Sun)
Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 758-760

"At this very place in the process of the first outer cycle of the fundamental sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, namely, after the formation of the Third-order-Suns or planets, just here, owing to the changed fifth deflection of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, which as I have already said is now called Harnel-Aoot, the initially given momentum for the fundamental completing process, having lost half the force of its vivifyingness, began in its further functioning to have only half of the manifestation of its action outside itself, and the other half for itself, i.e., for its very own functioning, the consequences of which were that on these last big results, i.e., on these said Third-order-Suns or planets, there began to arise what are called, 'similarities-to-the-already-arisen.'"

('Harnel-Aoot' #3: 50%/50% is explicitly stated here but it is unclear about whether it applies to the planets on the level above or to this level of Microcosmos. (It is interesting to look at Ouspensky's 'In Search of the Miraculous' pg 215 where G. says, "The Tritocosmos is man; Microcosmos is the 'atom' or 'microbe'" but now here he has defined Tritocosmos as planets on the previous level.Thus this may explain the confusion. The premise here is to assume 'Harnel-Aoot' #3 50%/50% to be present here and thus by the process of elimination 'Harnel-Aoot' #2:100% internal must apply to the previous level of the planets.)

"And as after this, surrounding conditions of actualizations were everywhere established corresponding to the manifestation of the second particularity of the fifth Stopinder of the fundamental sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, therefore from then on the actualization of the fundamental outer cycle of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh ceased, and all the action of its functioning entered forever into the results already manifested by it, and in them there began to proceed its inherent permanent processes of transformation, called 'evolution' and 'involution'." (This would another support 'Harnel-Aoot' #3 50%/50%.)

"The smallest 'relatively independent formation' on the planets, which arose thanks to the new inherency of the fifth Stopinder" (Harnel-Aoot) "of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh and which is the very smallest similarity to the Whole, was called 'Microcosmos,' and, finally, those formations of the 'Microcosmos' and which also became concentrated on the planets, this time thanks to the second-order cosmic law called 'mutual attraction of the similar,' were named 'Tetartocosmoses.'"

(For these reasons it is appropriate for 'Harnel-Aoot' #3:50%/50% internal/external to be active here.)

Harnel-Aoot #3
(chaos & quiet)
Organic Life/Matter
Second LevelPlanets (Earth)
Dark MatterPhotonslower do

Man/Woman in the image of God (Paralleling Creation)

Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 775

"And indeed, each of them is the image of God, not of that 'God' which they have in their bobtailed picturings, but of the real God, by which word we sometimes still call our common Megalocosmos. Each of them to the smallest detail is exactly similar, but of course in miniature, to the whole of our Megalocosmos, and in each of them there are all of those separate functionings, which in our common Megalocosmos actualize the cosmic harmonious Iraniranumange or 'exchange of substances,' maintaining the existence of everything existing in the Megalocosmos as one whole."

Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 777-778
  1. (Defterocosmos - Stars) "This localization, which is concentrated in their head, they call the 'head-brain'. The separate, what are called 'Okaniaki' or 'protoplasts' of this localization in their head, or, as the terrestrial learned call them, the 'cells-of-the-head-brain', actualize for the whole presence of each of them exactly such a purpose as is fulfilled at the present time by the 'higher-perfected-bodies' of three-brained beings from the whole of our Great Universe, who have already united themselves with the Most Most Holy Sun Absolute or Protocosmos."
  2. (Protocosmos - Theomertmalogos) "When these higher parts of three-brained beings, who are perfected to the corresponding gradation of Objective Reason, get there, they fulfill precisely that function of the Okaniaki or 'cells-of-the-head-brain,' for which function, as I have already said, our UNI-BEING COMMON FATHER ENDLESSNESS condescended at the creation of the now existing World, to decide to use for the future those coatings who obtain independent Individuality in the Tetartocosmoses, as an aid for Himself in the administration of the enlarging world."
  3. (Macrocosmos - Galaxies) "Further, in each of them, in their what is called 'vertebral column'' another concentration was localized, called there the 'spinal marrow', in which there are precisely those what are called denying sources, which actualize in their functionings in relation to the parts of the head-brain just such fulfillments as the 'second-order newly arisen Suns' of the Megalocosmos actualize in relation to the Most Most Holy Protocosmos." Well, then, just these separate brain nodes of their spinal marrow are the sources of denial in relation to the separate shades of affirmation in their head-brain, precisely as the separate (all the other) ‘second-order-Suns’ are the sources of the various shades of denial in relation to the various shades of affirmation of the Most Most Holy Protocosmos the separate‘second-order-Suns’.
(For these corrections above see Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 757 "The Most Most Holy Theomertmalogos began to manifest itself in the quality of the third holy force" (Neutralizing) "of the sacred Triamazikamno; the results of any one of the newly arisen Second-order-Suns began to serve as the first holy force; and the results of all the other newly arisen Second-order- Suns in relation to this mentioned one newly arisen Sun, as the second holy force of this sacred law." and Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 751 for first=active and second=passive)
Harnel-Aoot #1 (ti-do)
Objective Reason'do'
MacrocosmosMilky Way
Spinal Column'ti'
Brain Cells'la'
Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 779-780
  1. (Tritocosmos - Planet)“Concerning the place of concentration of this localization which serves the common presences of terrestrial three-brained beings as a regularizing or reconciling principle, it must be noticed that in the beginning these three-brained beings of the planet Earth who have taken your fancy, also had this third concentration, similarly to us, in the form of an independent brain localized in the region of their what is called 'breast'" (heart)
  2. (Mesocosmos - All Planets) "But from the time when the process of their ordinary being-existence began particularly sharply to change for the worse, then Nature there, by certain causes flowing from the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocratic process, was compelled, without destroying the functioning itself of this brain of theirs, to change the system of its localization. “That is to say, she gradually dispersed the localization of this organ, which had had its concentration in one place in them, into small localizations over the whole of their common presence, but chiefly in the region of what is called the 'pit of the stomach.' The totality of these small localizations in this region they themselves at the present time call the solar plexus or the 'complex of the nodes of the sympathetic nervous system.'
  3. “And in those nervous nodes scattered over the whole of the planetary body, there are accumulated at the present time all the results obtained from the affirming and denying manifestations of their head-brain and spinal marrow, and these results, having become fixed in these 'nervous nodes' scattered over the whole of their common presence, are later also such a neutralizing principle, in the further process of 'affirmation and denial' between the head-brain and spinal marrow, just as the totality of everything arising in the Megalocosmos is the neutralizing force in the process of the affirmation of the Protocosmos and the various shades of denials of all the newly arisen Suns."
    (In the discussion of the nerve nodes in relation to the brain and the spinal marrow which come from the first level shows my assumption that the previous level would be the neutralizing force to the level below was correct.)

In summary, the Heart is like the Earth and the Nerve Nodes are like the Planets and the Neutralizing Force is from the First Level of Brain & Spinal Column. The problem with humanity is that they have forgotten that the Heart, like the Earth, should be the center of the Being on this Second Level.

Harnel-Aoot #2 (mi-fa)
Mesocosmos All Planets
Nerve nodes'sol'
Tritocosmos Earth
First LevelBrain/Spinal cells
Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 780-781

"And so, the three-brained beings of the planet Earth are not only, as we also are, apparatuses for the transformation of the cosmic substances required for the Most Great Trogoautoegocrat with the qualities of all the three forces of the fundamental common-cosmic Triamazikamno, but also, themselves absorbing these substances for transformation from three different sources of independent arisings, have all the possibilities of assimilating besides the substances necessary for the maintenance of their own existence, also those substances which go for the coating and perfecting of their own higher-being-bodies. In this manner those three-sourced substances entering their common presences for transformation are, just as for us, a threefold kind of being-food.

  1. "That is to say, those substances which, on the path of their returning evolutionary ascent from the sacred Ashagiprotoëhary'—i.e., from the last Stopinder of the fundamental Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh toward the Most Most Holy Protocosmos—were transmitted with the aid of their own planet itself into definite higher corresponding surplanetary formations, and enter into them for further transformation as their 'first being-food,' which is their ordinary 'food' and 'drink'.
  2. “But those second-sourced substances which, being obtained from the transformations of their own sun and of all the other planets of their own solar system and which entered the atmosphere of their planet through the radiations of the latter, enter into them again, just as into us, also for further evolutionary transformation as the 'second being-food' which is their, as they there say, 'air', by which they breathe, and these substances in their air just serve for the coating and maintenance of the existence of their 'second being-bodies.'
  3. “And, finally, the first-sourced substances which for them as well as for us, are a third kind of being-food, serve both for the coating and for the perfecting of the higher being-body itself.
    (Holy Planet Purgatory Chapter 39 page 783) "The beings of the continent Atlantis then called the second being-food 'Amarloos,' which meant 'help-for-the-moon', and they called the third being-food the 'sacred Amarhoodan,' and this last word then signified for them 'help-for-God'.
  4. Harnel-Aoot #3
    TetartocosmosHumans'HelpforGod'Soul 'mi'
    First Being-Food
    food and drink
    Second Level
    Heart/Nerve Nodes
    Astral Body
Let us thank God for creating this imperfect world, because it is precisely these imperfections that will allow each one of us the chance to join God in Heaven. You may pretend that the world is full of Joy, but if you take off your rose-colored glasses and accept the pain, you will find your salvation in God. Hope to see you there with all the Souls who struggled their whole lives. Listen to my song: Timeless Food (Timeless Food)