Spirit is from Air; Soul is from Photonic Space

© 2020 by Dylan Stephens

Milky Way Galaxy spinning to draw in external charge at the its poles
from outer space (gamma radiation: NASA photo)

First it is necessary to analyze what it means to have a Spirit. Most find that it easier to imagine that a Spirit can survive after death because many have seen a ghost or at least have felt some energy presence at certain times. The celebration of Halloween has immunized us somewhat from the shiver down our spine on encountering a ghost or Spirit. Of course, there is a difference between a ghost and a Spirit because a ghost is imprinted on a particular location due to some experienced trauma whereas a Spirit can be summoned by a deep emotion.

Many Christians believe that they communicate with the Jesus' Spirit at Communion, using a blood to wine connection and others have used seances or Ouija boards to communicate with Spirits. This shows our willingness to believe in the existence of the Spirit World. Often times, just the memory of someone you love, who has passed away, can trigger an emotional connection that feels as if that loved one is present. At that moment it feels real, but we often question the experience being unable to sustain the connection to that level.

Four Realm Chart

Body (Realm 4)Spirit (Realm 5)Soul (Realm 6)God Consciousness (Realm 7)
(do) Stomach (Magician) (Ezekiel's Bull)
(re) Duodenum (High Priestess)
(mi) Liver (Empress)
(*AA*) Air (Lungs)(do) Lungs (Strength: Ezekiel's Lion)
(fa) Cerebellum (Emperor)(re) Heart (Hermit)
(sol) Cerebrum (Hierophant)(mi) Thymus (Wheel of Fortune)
(*IA*) (being-Partkdolg Duty)(*AA*) (Agape Love)(do) Five Senses (Ezekiel's Angel) (neurons)
(la) Endocrine System (Lovers)(fa) Spleen (Devil)(re) Vestibular System (Tower)
(ti) Sexual System (Chariot)(sol) Kidneys:Adrenal (Hanged Man: Martyrdom)(mi) Proprioception (Howling at the Moon)
(*IA*) (DO) Completed Body (*AA*) (Holy Planet Purgatory/Eden/Elysium)(passive) Holy Sun Absolute (Anklad)
(la) Hypothalamus (Death)(fa) Parietal Lobe (Solar System)
(ti) Pineal Gland (Last Judgement)(sol) Occipital Lobe (Sun)
(*IA*) (DO) Completed Spirit (Ternoonald)(*AA*) (neutral) Megalocosmos
(la) Temporal Lobe (Milky Way Galaxy)
(ti) Frontal Lobe (All Galaxies)
(IA) (DO) Completed Soul (Podkoolad)
(active) (Son/Sophia)
'Do' (Active); AA-Automated Activation ('mi' to 'fa') (Passive); IA-Intentional Activation ('sol' to 'la') (Neutral); Beyond Body (background lilac)

From the above chart showing the vibration points of the Spirit Octave, it can be seen why it is difficult to maintain the connection with the Spirit World because the last two vibration points of Spirit are beyond that Body octave, These are 'la' Hypothalamus and 'ti' Pineal Gland. This also implies that, if a person dies before completing these last two vibration points then this person may temporarily have their Spirit sustained by a loved one who has completed the Spirit octave on Earth by projecting these last vibrations to them. This possibility would explain the importance of the pineal gland which is often referred to as the 'third eye' or 'the seat of the Soul' (although clearly the Spirit is intended here.)

This feeding of another's Spirit body after death can have a detrimental effect on that Spirit as it may trap that Spirit from 'moving on' as they say. This 'moving on' can be merely towards dissolution, but the situation where there is also a higher Soul body, the Soul can be trapped by the Spirit from moving to higher realms. This often happens with many famous people, who having achieved a Soul, find themselves stuck in the atmosphere of Earth's Tetartocosmos being unable to enter into the Tritocosmos of the Solar System or higher because of people projecting their energies into their Spirits. Perhaps fame is not worth that much after all!

Just though the Air you breathe that was automatically acquired by the lungs between 'mi; and 'fa' of the Food Octave began your Spirit, it does not obtain viability until it has passed the point between 'sol' and 'la' (this point used to be automatic via 'conscience', but has since been lost in many).

In the same way, although photons are taken in between 'sol' and 'la' automatically, a Soul is not viable until it can pass its automatic activation point which is the completed 'do' of the Food Octave. This completion requires an intentionally activated "consciousness" achieved by the action of the cerebrum and the 'heart-hormonal' connection' at 'sol' and 'la' which creates the sexual tension with the sexual energy at 'ti' with the perfected Self at the 'higher do'.

In Kirlian photography the aura can be shown and thus this lends credibility to the Spirit being made of electromagnetic energy. It could merely consist of a higher frequency than the visual range, thus sensed but rarely seen.

Now, let us analyze what it means to have a Soul. Although Spirit and Soul are often confused, it is clear that; since we are three-brained beings with Body, Emotion, and Mind therefore the Soul must originate from the Mind and be separate from the Spirit which originates from the Emotions. This demonstrates the need for impartiality so that the energy of impressions that enter into the seven Senses to support the functioning of the four Lobes of the Brain can create a Soul. If emotion becomes attached to these sense perceptions then it is useless for Soul development. This can happen especially in trauma and thus the need to refocus your attention and release the emotional memory that does not contribute to your Soul or affect your Soul's development. Actually, the Heart is a much stronger support for emotional trauma. In spite of the saying, it cannot be broken because it the life force within.

Genesis 1.3 And God said, "Let there be light, and there was light."
It was Einstein who postulated that the speed of light (c) was a constant by which everything could be measured. (E=mc2)

It would be wonderful to imagine a world filled with light and so it is in reality! Not imaginary points of light that science calls photons, but actually spinning spheres of light (photons) traveling at the speed of light(c) and spinning at 1/c. These spheres are quantum-ized in multiples of 1, 2, 4, & 8, spinning on their axis, or also spinning on the x-axis, or also on the y-axis, or also the z-axis. Being so small they mostly hit on edge which causes them to acquire or lose multiple spins. Sometimes a photon growing to 2x the size as an ultra-violet photon with a stacked x-spin, or 4x the size with a stacked y-spin as an electron or 8x the size with a stacked z-spin as a proton or neutron.

This above theory of Miles Mathis, a contemporary self-taught genius, by using simply algebra, has thrown out all of quantum electrodynamics (QED) and quantum chromodynamics (QCD). These two theories that have progressed into fantasy land from the Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics devised from 1925 to 1927 by Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg and Erwin Schroedinger who declared that the quantum realm is unknowable.

The word 'quantum' means a discrete state that is not a decimal number which was first discovered in the 'orbits' of electrons around the nucleus, but it has since become a word for the whole sub-atomic realm. It has become the imaginary play world of quantum physicists and mathematicians. They have imagined mystical particles that have 'color', 'flavor' and 'spin' with names such as "charm" and "strange" and "quark" (from James Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake') or "God Particle" (Higgs Boson that makes mass out of nothing). This 'God Particle' cost of $13.25 billion to "find" by using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It has also led to belief in multiple dimensions such as String Theory.

Since these theories require a photon to be a point particle with no mass, quantum physics has been forced to say that it is sometimes behaves as a particle and sometimes as a wave. Their experiments have created the concept of 'superposition' which Schroedinger represented by the analogy of 'a cat in a state where it is alive or dead at the same time, until one looks inside'. The experiments also claimed that particles can be intimately connected across each end of the universe, which Einstein referred to as 'spooky action from a distance'. The silliest concept of all is the location of an electron around the nucleus is just a probability. Tenured physicists cannot believe otherwise if they want to keep their jobs and continue being funded, but it seems more like an 'Alice Through the Looking Glass' world.

Fortunately, Miles Mathis shows that all these strange occurrences can be explained by the concept of the photon being a real particle with four independent spins (all of these look like a wave when it travels, but is not a wave. This finally explains that the quantum factor is caused by spin rules):

It was believed that light was transmitted in the 'ether', which permeated all space, just as sound travels through air because a wave must be carried by a medium. The Soul has been referred to as the Etheric Body because it was thought to exist in the ether. Sound exists because of the crests and troughs that carry it as a wave travels in the ocean and which our ear interprets as sound, but sound cannot exist in the vacuum of Outer Space.

However, when it was shown in the famous eclipse experiment of 1919 that light bends around our sun, which affirmed Einstein's theory of general relativity, it was clear that the photons of light had their own internal energy and did not need ether thus the Soul could not be an Etheric Body. This internal energy could transport them through space without a medium as sound uses air to transport itself. It was calculated that the photon could travel at a defined speed: the speed of light: 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second). From this, we learned that the photons of light from the galaxies and stars that we see in the sky are in the past because the light that was emitted from a star today will not reach us in our lifetime.

The "impressions" that are being searched for so desperately by the Gurdjieff followers are mostly illuminated by 'light' therefore without light, for the most part, there are no 'impressions'. Thus one could make the analogy that as sound is to Spirit, light is to Soul! The Spirit is created like notes in music compositions which need Air to be expressed, but the Soul is being created from photons of light are ordered, like notes, in spheric bodies of light, such as galaxies, stars, and planets!

You may object to the use of planets as they are reflected light, but all spinning bodies recycle and thus emit photons. In fact all of creation and evolution from stones to plants, and living creatures are constantly recycling charge photons. These infinitesimal spinning particles will not stop like a regular top due to the friction of air, there is no friction in quantum space and they can spin forever. Some may collide with each other and acquire mass and others lose mass, yet their speed remains at the speed of light.

This recycling is what acts as a feedback loop that connects everything. Matter is nothing more than spun-up photons that have taken certain permanent patterns and forms. It is the spin that creates a low pressure at poles that draws the photons in and then are ejected at the equator.

It is the recycling charge of the Earth and the Planets that provides the ions that build the Spirit; it is the recycling charge of the Sun and the Galaxies that provides the photons to build a Soul. One could say that the blueprint of the Spirit is within the realm of Angels and the Archangels; but the blueprint of the Soul is God.

Did you ever wonder how chameleons can change color to match the color they are sitting on or stick bugs began looking like sticks or how caterpillars can turn to butterflies? It is all within the feedback loop of photon charge within the atoms of the cells that triggers the enzymes to rewrite their RNA. It does not take sensory perception to accomplish this because it happens on a sub-atomic level.

Earth spinning out external charge at the equator showing
recycled charge dispersed into space (NASA-NOAA photo)

Next it is necessary to define the parallel relationship of brain cells, which are the building blocks of the Soul, to photons which create all existing matter.

Miles Mathis shows by correcting of Bohr's equations which falsely connected Newton's equation of orbital velocity, that an neutrons, protons, and electrons are actually photons that have acquired spins and mass. Since gravity exists on the quantum level, it provides the balance that keeps the electrons in orbit around the nucleus which is composed of protons and neutrons. The charge force of recycled small protons then provides the possible stacking of the elements which can join to form substances.

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