Photonic Soul - Beyond Gurdjieff

© 2021 by Dylan Stephens

Genesis 1:1-4
"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness."
This is significant. It is afterall the beginning of the Universe and it is light!

Note: Photons of light have replaced the now tired concept of 'impressions' that Gurdjieff-Ouspensky followers say are necessary to take in to build a higher being bodies. After all, 'impressions' are mostly illuminated by photons of 'light', and thus without light, there would be no 'impressions'. Even a blind person could feel the effect of photons because the spectrum of light includes infra-red and microwaves and can affect all sensory systems. This gives a real substance that relates in the same way that Air begins the growth of the Spirit octave at 3, thus Photons begin the Soul octave. So at 6 there senses and photonic light.
(Endocrine system for Missing Stopender at 'la' and thinking system swapped with the nervous system as discussed in previous essays.)

In the theory of Miles Mathis, a contemporary self-taught genius, contrary to the consensus quantum mechanics view, photons are not just energy points, but actual spheres traveling at the speed of light (c) and spinning at 1/c. These spheres are quantumized in multiples of 1, 2, 4, & 8, spinning on their axes, or also spinning on the x-axis, or also on the y-axis, or also the z-axis. Being so small they mostly hit on edge which causes them to acquire or lose multiple spins.

Sometimes a photon can grow to 2x the size as an ultra-violet with a stacked x-spin, or 4x the size with a stacked y-spin as an electron or 8x the size with a stacked z-spin as a proton or c. Thus the photon is the basic building block of the universe since all particles can be built from a photon. Below is my enneagram diagram:

Before embarking on a discussion of Spirit and Soul, it is necessary to define the terms. I am using the definitions of Gurdjieff, whereby Spirit is partially present in a human being, but Soul is not. Contrary to consensus belief, Gurdjieff claims that you are not born with a Soul at birth and neither is it present from reincarnation because that is of the Spirit, not the Soul. A Soul must be built in your lifetime. As Gurdjieff explains, it requires the taking in the sorrow of our COMMON CREATOR and thus, in this world where pleasure and riches are the motivators, this is rarely sought after until the reality of one's death is realized too late.

"Blessed are those that have a soul; blessed are those that have none; but grief and sorrow are to one who has it in its conception." (BT: Ch 21, pg 247)

"In all three-brained beings of the whole of our Universe without exception, among whom are also we humans, owing to the data crystallized in our common presences for engendering in us the Divine impulse of conscience, 'the-whole-of-us' and the whole of our essence, are, and must be, already in our foundation, only suffering.

And they must be suffering, because the completed actualizing of the manifestation of such a being-impulse in us can proceed only from the constant struggle of two quite opposite what are called 'complexes-of-the-functioning' of those two sources which are of quite opposite origin, namely, between the processes of the functioning of our planetary body itself and the parallel functionings arising progressively from the coating and the perfecting of our higher being-bodies within this planetary body of ours, which functionings in their totality actualize every kind of Reason in the three-centered beings. (among which are the Reason of Spirit and the Reason of Soul)

In consequence of this, every three-centered being of our Great Universe, and also we humans existing on the Earth, must, owing to the presence in us also of the factors for engendering the Divine impulse of 'Objective Conscience,' always inevitably struggle with the arising and the proceeding within our common presences of two quite opposite functionings giving results always sensed by us either as 'desires' or as 'nondesires.'

And so, only a person, who consciously assists the process of this inner struggle and consciously assists the 'nondesires' to predominate over the desires, behaves just in accordance with the essence of our COMMON CREATOR; whereas a person who with its consciousness assists the contrary, only increases the CREATOR'S sorrow." (BT: Ch 21, pg 373,374 The First Visit of Beelzebub to India)

Spirit has as its root meaning and in actuality: 'breath'. Sadly, it is often incorrectly extended into the word 'anima', being the force of life that overshadows the true meaning of Soul. This leads people to believe they are born with a ready-made Soul. It would be more correct to say that we possess a ready-made Spirit or, at least, the beginnings of a Spirit, In Kirlian photography, the aura can be shown and this lends credibility to the Spirit being made of electromagnetic energy that consists of a higher frequency than the visual range. As long as you can breathe, you have a Spirit, but is this Spirit fully grown with its gravity center in the heart?

In the Resurrection story, Jesus appears in Spirit and, in this state, showed Peter the meaning of 'agape love' (John 21:15-17) (love that does not look for return). The true measure of Spirit is "conscience" which is based on the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." All true religions and societies that follow this Rule understand the importance of the growth of Spirit that reflects our true nature to live in harmony and the possibility of eternal life. The Christian martyrs believed that their Spirits would survive death, but the length of survival is dependent on its growth. Only, the Soul that is built from thought and photons with its gravity center in the brain is eternal.

It is easier to imagine that a Spirit can survive after death because many have seen a ghost or at least have felt some energy presence at certain times. The celebration of Halloween has immunized us somewhat from the shiver down our spine on encountering a ghost or Spirit. Of course, there is a difference between a ghost and a Spirit because a ghost is imprinted on a particular location due to some experienced trauma whereas a Spirit can wander freely within the confines of the Earth's atmosphere, yet can be summoned from afar by a deep emotional connection.

The whole concept of Communion in the Christian faith is based on communicating with Jesus' Spirit by using a blood to wine connection. Others have used seances or Ouija boards to communicate with Spirits. Sometimes, just the memory of someone you love, who has passed away, can trigger an emotional connection that feels as if that loved one is present. This shows our willingness to believe in the existence of a Spirit. Unfortunately, the emotional state that is required to sustain a connection with a departed Spirit is not sustainable and inevitably leads to doubt. A Spirit can exist for some time after death, but only in the atmosphere of the Earth as it was born from Air. A Soul can exist forever because it is built from photons of light.

To understand the difference between Spirit and Soul is most important. If one compared the methods of Jesus and Buddha, one could say that Jesus emphasized the Heart and Buddha the Mind. This is the same distinction between angels being of the Heart and archangels of the Mind. You could be the most caring person in the world and possess a fully grown Spirit, but if you lack understanding you will never possess a Soul. Gurdjieff would say that even if you knew all the knowledge of the universe, you could not grow a Soul because a Soul requires the "Understanding of His/Her Endlessness". In this essay, it will be shown that different organs of the body relate to Spirit and others to Soul and thus absorb different foods, so clearly the methods of obtaining a Spirit or a Soul are different.

Each of the three bodies that can be possessed by a human being are made up of an octave: 'do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, higher Do'. The musical octave is explained in P.D. Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous":

The engine that governs these seven notes by a central triangle is the Enneagram:

There are three discontinuities that exist inside the octaves of Body, Spirit, and Soul. They are the positions between 'mi and 'fa' and 'sol' and 'la' and the completed 'do'. Each discontinuity is governed by the inner triangle which is the Law of Three acting in the Law of Seven. The Passive side is 'do', the Active side is 'mi-fa', the Neutralizing side is 'sol-la'.

  1. The position 'mi'-'fa' is called the 'Automatic Activator' (AA) because the organism passes through that discontinuity by means of itself. For example, the 'do-re-mi' of the Body Octave passes to 'fa' by means of Air from the outside taken in by the lungs.
  2. The position 'sol'-'la' is called the 'Intentional Activator' (IA) as it needs to pass through this with intention. For example, the 'fa'-'sol' of the Body passes through to 'la' by means of 'consciousness'.
  3. The higher Do' is the completed 'do', an octave higher. It action is best described by the Christian symbol from the Book of Revelation: 'Alpha/Omega' with its connotation of the first shall be last and the last shall be first. This is also similar to the Ouroboros, the snake that bites its tail.(the completion of the octave 'do','re','mi','fa','sol','la' to the 'higher 'Do') has a greater function than mere completion of the discontinuity between 'ti' and the higher 'Do'. This 'higher Do' being now on the level of the next higher octave is like a 'converging' point as in mathematics. Consequently, the discontinuity between 'ti' and higher 'Do' should be considered as part of the higher 'Do'.

    'do' 'incepting/converging AO'

Assigning organs to each vibration of the Body, Spirit, and Soul Octave

Using the locations from the Ouspensky diagram below of Head-Middle-Lower Body, I assigned the missing 'la' of the Body Octave to the Endocrine System and proposed six organs 're'-'ti' of the Spirit Octave and seven organs of the Soul Octave. These are only expressed as hydrogens with a number assigned from lower to higher. (lower is a larger number; higher is a smaller number).


The missing Stopinder 'la' of the Food Octave of Gurdjieff's BT Holy Planet Purgatory was added by me and assigned to the Endocrine System using 'la' 24 of the Body Octave.


For the Spirit Octave, I looked at Tradition Chinese Medicine as a guide:

In the Su Wen (The book of Plain Questions - a dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and his medical advisors). In this book, it says that there are five yin-organs that produce five kinds of ch'i (qi): joy is from the heart, anger is from the liver, pensiveness is from the spleen, anxiety is from the lungs, and fear is from the kidneys (adrenal gland).

It is for this reason that I reserved four organs for the Spirit octave which relates to emotion (leaving out the liver which was already part of the Gurdjieff Body position 'mi'). The Lungs are clearly the 'do' of the Spirit Octave and the Heart (the Fourth Chakra called the Heart Chakra) would be 're' of the Spirit Octave.

The Thymus at position 'mi' of the Spirit octave is basically viewed by Medical science as a discarded organ, useful in youth and atrophied in old age (sounds like a metaphor). However, like the derivation of its name after the Greek word 'thymos', it is the source of courage and passion. Plato has it as the center of one's being mediating between the reason of the brain and carnal desires. It is an active player in the early immune system and is the location of the gorilla-like thump on the chest. One can view it as a catcher's mitt of the heart. This would be the Fifth Chakra known as the Throat Chakra.

Next, referring to the dialogue of the Yellow Emperor organs, we have the Spleen and the Kidneys that relate to the Spirit Octave. When we observe that Ouspensky's hydrogen diagram of the Spirit line goes down to the body at position 'fa' and 'sol', these assign perfectly as Spleen at 'fa' and Kidneys at 'sol'.

For the last position 'ti', I have assigned the famous Pineal gland shaped like a pinecone shown in the pinecone statue at the Vatican is often called the door of consciousness. This is often referred to as the Third Eye as the Sixth Chakra called 'the seat of the Soul' (although clearly 'the seat of the Spirit' is more correct.), thus it fits better as the seventh Chakra known as the Crown Chakra. Many agree with this. Its action is like the "Vesica Pisces" which is created by two spheres with the same radius, which intersect within each other’s circumference.

For the second to last position 'la' is the hypothalamus which is similar in importance to the pineal gland. Its main role is to keep the body in homeostasis as much as possible, thus maintaining a healthful, balanced bodily state. The hypothalamus acts as the connector between the endocrine and nervous systems to achieve this. It plays a part in many essential functions of the body such as body temperature, thirst, appetite, and weight control, emotions, sleep cycles, sex drive, childbirth, blood pressure and heart rate, production of digestive juices, balancing bodily fluids. As different systems and parts of the body send signals to the brain, they alert the hypothalamus to any unbalanced factors that need addressing and it responds by releasing the right hormones into the bloodstream to balance the body. Most importantly, it maintains an internal temperature of 98.6 °Fahrenheit (ºF) thus if it is too high, it tells the body to sweat; if it is too cold then it creates internal heat by shivering. It fits better as the Sixth Chakra, the Third Eye Chakra. The pituitary gland, which is often attributed to the Throat Chakra, is attached to the hypothalamus, but the pituitary gland relates more to the Endocrine System.


As to the Soul Octave it is clear that all of these vibration locations must be in the brain:

I decided to use the five senses: Touch, Taste, Smell, Hearing, and Seeing as the note 'do' of the Soul Octave.

The Vestibular System and Proprioception System are also acknowledged to be real senses by Wikipedia, as follows:

  • The Vestibular System adjusts balance and attention. This system accounts for the perception of our body in relation to gravity, movement, and balance. It provides information related to movement and head position. It is important for the development of balance, coordination, eye control, attention, being secure with movement and some aspects of language development. It measures acceleration, g-force, body movements, and head position. (e.g. knowing that you are moving when you are in an elevator, knowing whether you are lying down or sitting up, and being able to walk along a balance beam.) (Interestingly, the corresponding 're' in the initial Ouspensky diagram was located at the chest level which was probably due to the concept that balance is at the center ones being. It supports my choice of separating as an actually Stopinder. Now, it probably would be assigned to the head.)
  • The Proprioception System manifests the ability of spatial prediction, intuition, and awareness of self. It is the sensing of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement. It was developed by the nervous system as a means to keep track of and control the different parts of the body. (e.g. A normal person can move a finger, knowing where and what the finger is doing. With little effort, the normal person could just put his/her finger to his/her nose easily. Without it, the brain cannot feel what the finger is doing, and the process must be carried out in more conscious and calculated steps, using vision to compensate for the lost feedback on the movement of the finger. Thus, it is used in sobriety tests by the police.) (Interestingly, the corresponding 'mi' in the initial Ouspensky diagram was located at the lower body level which was probably due to the concept that awareness of self comes from the ground up. It supports my choice of separating as an actually Stopinder. Now, it probably would be assigned to the head.)

It is interesting to observe that the often parroted necessity of "attention, impartiality, and awareness of self" in "the Work" is similar to these senses. Perhaps, our bodily senses have been in the "Work" all along! Just the act of taking off your glasses and getting out of bed after reading some "New Age" book or this essay by a Gurdjieffian idiot like me has used both these two senses. In the humor of Gurdjieff, I called it the "VP" method of becoming a "Man/Woman" in capitals! (wink).

Given the importance of these two sense systems in the Gurdjieff System, I have made them part of the Soul Octave. I assigned the Vestibular System, which adjusts balance and attention to be 're' and Proprioception, which manifests the ability of spatial prediction, intuition, and awareness of self, to be 'mi' of the Soul Octave.

These senses are part of the body, but the vibration centers of the Soul from 'fa' to 'ti' are not. These last vibrations are assigned to the four lobes of the brain, but they are just vague concepts that transcend the measured functions of the brain. They must exist beyond the death of the brain to complete the Soul:

  • The Parietal Lobe processes to integrate sensory information about temperature, taste, touch, and parietal lobe, recognize faces, and read words
  • The Occipital Lobe is primarily responsible for vision turning what the eyes see into meaningful information
  • The Temporal lobe is responsible for memory, speech, learning and sense of smell. The right temporal lobe manages the recognition of faces and other visual objects. The left temporal lobe helps with remembering and understanding language, which is part of verbal memory.
  • The Frontal lobe is important for cognitive functions and control of voluntary movement or activity.

Having associated the three octaves of Body, Spirit, and Soul with an organ of the body, it is possible to create a Three-Body Enneagram. Here are the completed octaves of Body, Spirit, and Soul and the Soul's completion as part of the Holy Sun Absolute and the Megalocosmos:

Another way of looking at this is as a Four Realm spreadsheet. The figure below also shows the organ's relationship to the Major Arcana of the Tarot which is also made up of 7 x 3 cards. (Note that the Devil card has been replaced by Ezekiel's Angel to remove the Aleister Crowley (Beast 666) influence on the commencement of the Soul.)

Four Realm Chart

Body (Realm 4)Spirit (Realm 5)Soul (Realm 6)God Consciousness (Realm 7)
(do) Stomach (Magician) (Ezekiel's Bull)
(re) Duodenum (High Priestess)
(mi) Liver (Empress)
(*AA*) Air (Lungs)(do)(AO) Lungs (Strength: Ezekiel's Lion)
(fa) Cerebellum (Emperor)(re) Heart (Hermit)
(sol) Cerebrum (Hierophant)(mi) Thymus (Wheel of Fortune)
(*IA*) photons of Light (consciousness)(*AA*) agape love(do)(AO) Five Senses (Ezekiel's Angel) (neurons)
(la) Endocrine System (Lovers)(fa) Spleen (Devil)(re) Vestibular System (Tower)
(ti) Sexual System (Chariot)(sol) Kidneys:Adrenal (Hanged Man: Martyrdom)(mi) Proprioception (Howling at the Moon)
(DO)(AO) Completed Body
(*IA*) insight/epiphany (Ternoonald)
(*AA*) (contemplation/meditation)
(Holy Planet Purgatory/Eden/ Elysium)
(passive) Holy Sun Absolute (Anklad Body)
(la) Hypothalamus (Death)(fa) Parietal Lobe (Solar System)
(ti) Pineal Gland (Last Judgement)(sol) Occipital Lobe (Sun)
(DO)(AO) Completed Spirit
(*IA*) Active Mentation (Podkoolad)
(*AA*) (neutral) Megalocosmos
(la) Temporal Lobe (Milky Way Galaxy)
(ti) Frontal Lobe (All Galaxies)
(DO) Completed Soul (IA) (Anklad Body)
(active) (Son/Sophia)
'Do' (AO) (Active) (yellow); AA-Automated Activation ('mi' to 'fa') (Passive) (green); IA-Intentional Activation ('sol' to 'la') (Neutral) (gold);
Beyond Body (background lilac)

From the above chart showing the vibration points of the Spirit Octave, it can be seen why it is difficult to maintain the connection with the Spirit World because the last two vibration points of Spirit (shown in blue) are beyond that Body octave, These are 'la' Hypothalamus and 'ti' Pineal Gland. This also implies that, if a person dies before completing these last two vibration points, then this person may temporarily have its Spirit sustained by a loved one who, having completed the Spirit octave on Earth, can project these last two energies to them. Thus the importance of the Hypothalamus whose main role is to keep the body in homeostasis otherwise death results and the Pineal Gland which is often referred to as the 'third eye'

This feeding of another's Spirit body after death through the Hypothalamus and Pineal Gland can have a detrimental effect on that Spirit as it may trap that Spirit from 'moving on' as they say. This is the usual advice to stop thinking of the departed Spirit so that it can 'move on'. This advice is worthwhile if a Soul is attached to the Spirit in order to help the Soul to reject emotional attachment and to ascend to higher realms. However, it is not much value if the Spirit does not have a Soul, then to 'move on' is towards dissolution.

Many a Soul of a 'famous' person has become trapped in the atmosphere of the Earth, being unable to ascend to the higher realm of Soul, because the admiring people continue to project their energies into their Spirits. When Peter declared his love for Jesus in John 21, Jesus replied that 'agape love' was superior. By his 'filia love' Peter would trap Jesus in his Spirit and prevent him from ascending. Perhaps fame is not worth that much after all!

Between the years 1925 to 1927 Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, and Erwin Schroedinger created the so-called Copenhagen Interpretation of quantum mechanics that abandoned the rigor of Newtonian Physics by declaring that the quantum realm is unknowable. This created the theoretical fields of quantum electrodynamics (QED) and quantum chromodynamics (QCD) that are still believed today and supported with complex mind-boggling mathematical constructs. Miles Mathis has blown it all apart with simple algebra, but tenured professors dare not accept his work for fear of losing their salaries and grants.

The word 'quantum' means a discrete state that is not a decimal number that was first discovered and imagined as 'orbits' of electrons around the nucleus, but it has since become a word for the whole sub-atomic realm. "Quantum" has become the imaginary play world of nuclear physicists and mathematicians. They have imagined mystical particles that have 'color', 'flavor' and 'spin' with names such as "charm" and "strange" and "quark" (from James Joyce's 'Finnegans Wake') or "God Particle" (Higgs Boson that makes mass out of nothing!). This 'God Particle' cost $13.25 billion to find by using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) (if it really was!). It has also led to the belief in multiple dimensions such as String Theory.

Starting with the three mistakes of Niels Bohr, quantum physics still insists that a photon can only be a point particle with no mass that sometimes behaves as a particle and sometimes as a wave. Their experiments have created the concept of 'superposition' which Schroedinger represented by the analogy of 'a cat in a state where it is alive or dead at the same time, until one looks inside'. The experiments also claimed that particles can be intimately connected across each end of the universe, which Einstein referred to as 'spooky action from a distance'. The silliest concept of all is that the location of an electron around the nucleus is just a probability. This has contributed to the expression of 'Alice going down the rabbit hole', which has come to define our modern existence.

Miles Mathis' theory has resolved all these strange occurrences by postulating a photon as a real spherical particle with four independent spins. The quantum nature of the photon is explained by spin rules:

  • on its axis (1x),
  • the x-plane (end over end) (2x),
  • the y-plane (4x),
  • and the z-plane (8x)

It also accounts for the apparent wave nature of the photon when it travels.


Sound exists because it creates crests and troughs of air that carry it outward as water travels in the waves of the ocean. Our ear vibrates from these waves and the brain interprets this as sound. Sound cannot exist in the vacuum of Outer Space. Since it was believed that light was a wave, it was postulated that light was transmitted in the 'ether', which permeated all space. This is why the Soul has been referred to as the Etheric Body because it was thought to exist in the ether.

However, when it was shown in the famous eclipse experiment of Eddington in 1919 that light bends around our sun, which affirmed Einstein's theory of General Relativity, it was clear that the photons of light had their own internal energy and did not need ether; thus the Soul could not be, strictly speaking, an Etheric Body. The photon's internal energy propels it through the vacuum of space at a constant velocity (c). It would therefore be more precise to call the Soul a Photonic Body.

The Spirit is created like notes in music compositions that need Air to be expressed, but the Soul is created from the levels of Photonic Energy that create galaxies, stars, planets, and organic life that follow the laws of a Cosmic Architect. This explains why the Spirit can only exist in the atmosphere of the Earth, whereas a Soul can exist anywhere in the Universe.

Matter is nothing more than spun-up photons that have taken certain permanent patterns and forms. (These photons are similar to the 'hydrogens' in "In Search of the Miraculous".) In formations like the Earth. it is the spin that creates a low pressure at poles that draws the photons in and then are ejected at the equator. It is the recycling charge of the Earth and the Planets that provide the ions that build the Spirit; it is the recycling charge of the Sun and the Galaxies that provides the photons to build a Soul.

Earth spinning out external charge at the equator showing
recycled charge dispersed into space (NASA-NOAA photo)

These infinitesimal spinning photon particles will not stop like a regular top due to the friction of air because there is no friction in quantum space and they can spin forever. Some may collide with each other and acquire mass and others lose mass, yet their speed remains at the speed of light. This recycling is what acts as a feedback loop that connects everything.

Did you ever wonder how chameleons can change color to match the color they are sitting on or stick bugs began looking like sticks or how caterpillars can turn to butterflies? It is all within the feedback loop of photon charge within the atoms of the cells that triggers the enzymes to rewrite their RNA. This is how sensory perception happens on a sub-atomic level. Clearly, brain cells, which are the building blocks of the Soul are part of this feedback loop with the Cosmos.

Ancient Science has a diagram of Everything Living which was introduced by Gurdjieff to Ouspensky, shown in "In Search of the Miraculous" by Ouspensky, Chapter 10, Figure 58. It shows a circle to the left which was the average of man, angels, archangels. Then on the top right was a circle that represented what it was food for and the bottom right was what its food was. In an earlier talk I explained my modification to this (shown below) as I objected to Angels eating Animals and thought that Angels should be eating humans given that Angels were symbolic for the Spirit (Kesdjan Body). Once I adjusted this, I changed man's food to animals instead of invertebrates (locusts... (perhaps vegetarians made this change!) This made the 'food for' and 'its food' to be just one away instead of two. I used this diagram to support my addition of the Anklad Body (based on "the Absolute Reason of HIS ENDLESSNESS HIMSELF" (BT: The Inevitable Result of Impartial Mentation, Ch 47, pg 1177).

Returning to the three body enneagram, shown previously, it must be remembered that the enneagram shows the position of the seven notes of the octave from 'do' to 'ti', but is built with nine points, thus there are two places where these notes are activated by two points of an inner triangle which represents the action of the Law of Three inside of the Law of Seven. These two places I have labeled as (+ active) and (= neutral) and they are between 'mi' and 'fa' and 'sol' and 'la'. Note that the labeling of the enneagram starts at '1' at 're' leaving '9' at the lower 'do' / higher 'Do' at the apex of the triangle which I have labeled as (- passive). Shown are three engines of three (passive, active, neutral) each beginning at a discontinuity for each octave with the fourth position being a completion of that octave being of the quality of the next octave assisting in that octave:

('do')( (incepting/converging AO)(-)(-)-->'re'(+)-->'mi' (=)
AA (automatic activation)(+)(-)-->'fa'(+) -->'sol'(=)
IA (intentional activation)(=)(-)-->'la'(+) -->'ti'(=)
'Do' (incepting/converging AO)(-)(-)-->'Re' (+)-->'Mi' (=)
AA (automatic activation)(+)(-)-->'Fa'(+) -->'Sol'(=)
IA(=) (intentional activation)(=) 
(Blue squares indicate vibrations beyond the Physical Octave.)

Then applying this engine to make three engines of Body, Spirit, and Soul:

For the Body it is:

  1. ('do') (AO)(0)
  2. ('mi-fa') (AA)(3)
  3. ('sol-la') (IA)(6)
  4. ('ti-Do') (AO)(9)
0(do) (AO) food in stomach (-) duodenumliver
3 (AA) air in lungs (+)cerebellum
first chakra
6(IA) sensory system (=) endocrine system
third chakra
sexual system
second chakra
9'Do' (incepting/converging AO) (-)
completed Body (Ternoonald)
mind, emotions, body in balance

For the Spirit it is:

  1. ('mi-fa') (AO)(3)
  2. ('sol-la') (AA)(6)
  3. ('ti-Do')(IA)(9)
  4. ('Mi-Fa')(AO)(Second octave: 9+3=12=3)
3(do) (AO) oxygenated blood (-)heart
fourth chakra
fifth chakra
6 (AA) agápe love (+)spleenkidneys/adrenal
9 (IA) insight/epiphany (Ternoonald) (=)hypothalamus
sixth chakra
seventh chakra
12(3)'Do' (incepting/converging AO) (-)
completed Spirit (Podkoolad)
For the Soul it is:

  1. ('sol-la') (AO)(6)
  2. ('ti-Do') (AA)(9)
  3. ('Mi-Fa')(IA)(Second octave: 9+3=12=3)
  4. ('Sol-La)(AO)(Second octave: 9+6=15=6)
6(do) (AO) photons inputted
by the five senses (-)
Vestibular SystemProprioception
9 (AA) contemplation/meditation (+)parietal lobe occipital lobe
12(3) (IA) Active Mentation (Podkoolad) (=)temporal lobefrontal lobe
15(6)'Do' (incepting/converging AO) (-)
completed Soul (Anklad Body)

Discontinuity at 3

Analyzing in greater detail the discontinuity at 3 which in the Body Octave is between 'mi' and 'fa' where Air enters in and the Spirit octave begins.

3Body (AA) air in lungs (+)cerebellum
first chakra
3Spirit(do) (AO) oxygenated blood (-)heart
fourth chakra
fifth chakra
  1. Work on the Body Octave 3 ('mi-fa') (AA):

    This discontinuity is well covered in BT Holy Planet Purgatory and it is, of course, an Automatic Activation (AA) because we cannot live without Air.

  2. Work on the Spirit Octave 6 ('do') (AO):

    Air creates oxygenated blood that begins the 'do' of the Spirit Octave with the Lungs which feeds the Heart at 're' and the Thymus at 'mi'.

Discontinuity at 6

Analyzing in greater detail the important discontinuity at 6 which in the Body Octave is between 'sol' and 'la' where Photons enter in where the Body, Spirit, and Soul octaves interact:

Ironically, the Gurdjieff/Ouspensky fourth way method claims it is superior because it incorporates all three methods of the fakir, monk, and yogi (body, emotions, mind) simultaneously without the need of a monastic existence. However, towards the goal of increasing consciousness, the majority of methods employed tend to exclude the emotions and thought by concentrating on observation of the body at discontinuity 6 while ignoring Spirit and the Soul. Yet, the goal of sustained consciousness cannot ever be reached without working also on the Spirit (emotions) and the Soul (mind). The achievement of a Perfected Body at the higher 'Do' on the level of Spirit (angels), always conscious, cannot be reached without working simultaneously on the Body, Spirit, and Soul octaves.

6Body(IA) consciousness (=) endocrine system
third chakra
sexual system
second chakra
6Spirit (AA) agápe love (+)spleenkidneys/adrenal
6Soul(do) (AO) photons inputted
by the five senses (-)
vestibular systemproprioception
  1. Work on the Body Octave 6 ('sol-la') (IA):

    Photons of light accepted into the Cerebrum create consciousness; but, since this discontinuity requires intentional activation (IA), actual 'consciousness' is rarely present. Having recognized this problem, the common practice of the fourth-way schools is to emphasize "work" on the mind while traditionally "working in the garden" with the aim of increasing consciousness. Clearly, photons are always present to the senses even in the rain or at work in an office or a sports game, or during meditation.

    Without sustained consciousness, the Body relies on the intermittent activation of consciousness which is just enough for the Food Octave to nourish the hormonal system (the Endocrine System) at 'la' and the Sexual System at 'ti'. What is commonly believed to be 'consciousness' is merely the playing of memory tapes stored in the brain or memorized habits from the cerebellum. The brief moments of real consciousness are sufficient to bridge this discontinuity between 'sol' and 'la', but do little towards reaching the 'higher Do' of the Body Octave which is the 'Perfected Self' (mind, emotions, body in balance) which is then on the level of the Spirit Octave. The failure to complete the Body Octave to its 'higher Do', which is the alpha-omega (AO) point of existence will prevent the completion of a Spirit and Soul.

    The method of intentional activation (AI) at 'sol'-'la', as explained by Ouspensky and Gurdjieff, for anyone on a spiritual path is to encourage more periods of consciousness by self-observation. The student attempting to use the brute force of will to sustain consciousness and yet being unable to stop the inevitable drifting in and out of consciousness, will no doubt feel frustration. Since these negative emotions are counterproductive, the student is advised to disallow emotions. Ironically, since the Spirit Octave is at its Automatic Activation (AA) at this same discontinuity 'sol'-'la', it is actually the emotions of Spirit that can help to automatically sustain consciousness!

  2. Work on the Spirit Octave 6 ('mi-fa') (AA):

    The 'breath of life' ("the still small voice") accepted into the Thymus and Heart ('re' and 'mi' of the Spirit Octave):

    "And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: and after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice." (1 Kings 19:11-12; Elijah, after his dramatic victory over the prophets of Baal)

    The Automatic Activation (AA) of the Spirit occurs because 'Love' and 'Conscience' are innate.

    "And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these." (Matthew 6:28,29; Jesus)

    Alas, these natural emotions are often turned into Narcissism and Conceit, thus Jesus emphasized the need for 'agape love' above 'filia love' (John 21:15-17).

    If your heart is open, the Spirit Octave should automatically progress through the Spleen ("earthquake") and the Adrenal Glands ("fire") ('fa' and 'sol' of the Spirit Octave). These organs when misused contribute to hate, but when activated correctly, build a love more powerful than Aphrodite, the goddess of love herself. This energy when intentionally activated by the Completed Body sustains the hypothalamus and pineal glands (('la' and 'ti' of the Spirit Octave). Since two energies (hypothalamus and pineal glands) are beyond the physical plane, they provide the foundation of the Completed Spirit that exists beyond the death of the Body on the level of the Soul Octave.

    Often the student is advised to use 'impartiality as this is meant to prevent the feelings of anger, hate, self-importance, and so on, that are the opposite of consciousness. However, the misunderstanding of what "impartiality" entails can cause callousness in one's actions towards others and to oneself. One must understand that, once the Spirit is grown, consciousness naturally arises from the warmth in one's heart, so one should not shun emotion. As Jesus taught, the emotion that is proper to use here is 'agape love' rather than 'filia love'. Early Christianity, having concentrated on the work of the Spirit, quickly rose into the number one religion. Prior to this, the Jewish God and the Greek and Roman gods required obedience and meted out punishment for wrongdoing. In this environment, there would be little hope of obtaining a Spirit. It must have been amazing for those disciples to have the first taste of Spirit that opened their minds to consciousness.

  3. Work on the Soul Octave 6 ('do') (AO):

    Photonic light becomes the 'do' of the Soul like Air became the 'do' of the Spirit. The Five Senses take in the photons and progress forward into the Vestibular System ('re'), which adjusts balance and attention, then forward to Proprioception ('mi'), which manifests the ability of spatial prediction, intuition, and awareness of self. (both the Vestibular System and Proprioception are similar to being-Partkdolg-duty). The Soul will not be viable until it can pass its automatic activation (AA) point which requires the completed 'Do' of the Body Octave, the 'Perfected Self' (mind, emotions, body in balance).

    The discontinuity 6 between 'sol' and 'la' is the beginning of the Soul. As a grownup with an infant Soul, you must train your mind not to be ruled by the Senses, but to consciously accept the energy of the photons to build an essence. Of help here is the 'consciousness' of the Body and 'agape love' of the Spirit. Later, as Beelzebub explains to his grandson, it will be necessary to train your Soul (mind) to contemplate the purpose of your existence.

    "So in the meantime, exist as you exist. Only do not forget one thing, namely, at your age it is indispensably necessary that every day, at sunrise, while watching the reflection of its splendor, you bring about a contact between your consciousness and the various unconscious parts of your general presence."
    (BT. Ch 7, pg 78) Becoming Aware of Genuine Being-Duty.)

Discontinuity at 9

Analyzing in greater detail the important discontinuity at 9 which in the Body Octave is at the higher 'Do' on the level of the Spirit Octave where the Body, Spirit, and Soul octaves interact:

This position 9 is similar to the concept of Gurdjieff's Holy Planet Purgatory: the Perfected Body is in bliss seeking to sustain the Spirit, but the Soul is aware of the further journey to its completion:

"All the 'skies' reflected, as it were, the radiance which recalls the radiance of the famous and incomparable 'Almacornian turquoise.' Its atmosphere is always pure like the ‘phenomenal-Sakrooalnian-crystal.’ Everywhere there, every individual with all his presence senses 'everything external,' 'Iskoloonizinernly,' or as your favorites would say 'blissfully-delightfully'.
Everywhere on that Holy Planet, in corresponding gorges, are convenient caves of all kinds of 'interior form' (made partly by Nature Herself and partly artificially) with striking views from their entrances, and in these caves there is everything that can be required for a blissful and tranquil existence, with the complete absence of any essence-anxiety whatever in any part of the presence of any cosmic independent Individual, such as 'higher-being-bodies' can also become. It is just in these caves that those ‘higher-being-bodies’ exist by their own choice, who, owing to their merits, come to this holy planet from the whole of our Great Universe for their further existence."

BT. Ch. Holy Planet Purgatory, 746,747

9Body (AO) (completed Body) (=)
mind, emotions, body in balance
9Spirit (IA) insight/epiphany (Ternoonald)hypothalamus
sixth chakra
seventh chakra
9Soul (AA) contemplation/meditation (+)parietal lobe occipital lobe
  1. Body Octave 9 ('Do') (AO):

    This is the completed Octave of the Body, the Perfected Body (Ternoonald) with body, emotions and mind balanced. It is in the realm of Spirit, but still subject to death.

  2. Spirit Octave 9 ('sol-la') (IA):

    The Spirit Octave requires Intentional Activation (IA) which is supplied by the Perfected Body (Ternoonald). It is this place that insight and epiphany occur. The Spirit, having its source from breath, can use sustained breath to activate the hypothalamus and pineal gland to complete the Spirit Octave.

  3. Soul Octave 9 ('mi'-'fa' (AA):

    The Soul Octave is Automatically Activated (AA) assisted by the Perfected Body (Ternoonald). Contemplation and meditation can assist in attracting the higher energy photons taken in by the senses rather than low energy trivia. This will allow the Soul to proceed to parietal lobe at 'fa' to integrate sensory information and knowledge obtained by reading and then to proceed further to the occipital lobe at 'sol' to turn what the eyes see into meaningful information.

Discontinuity at 12(3)

Analyzing in greater detail the discontinuity at 12(3) which is where the Soul octave interacts at 12 an octave higher (reducing to 3) which in the Body Octave between 'Mi and 'Fa':

12(3)Spirit (AO) (completed Spirit) (=)
12(3)Soul (IA) Active Mentation (Podkoolad)temporal lobefrontal lobe
  1. Work on the higher Soul Octave 12(3) ('Sol-La') (IA):

    This discontinuity is an octave higher and represents the final discontinuity that the Soul must pass before its completion. It requires Intentional Activation (IA).

    It shows a perfect match to the one of the final chapters of "Beelzebub's Tales":

    "And for the Reason-of-understanding these factors are as follows:

    1. the first, that is the 'sacred-affirming,' is the newly perceived impressions of any localization which has at the given moment what is called 'the-center-of-gravity-functioning'; (Temporal Lobe)
    2. the second or 'sacred-denying' is the corresponding data present in another of his localizations; (Frontal Lobe)
    3. and the third factor is what is called the 'being-Autokolizikners,' or as they otherwise call it 'Hoodazbabognari,' the sense of which name signifies, 'the results of the persevering actualizing of the striving towards the manifestation of one’s own individuality.' (Completed Spirit: Podkoolad)"
    (BT: "Form and Sequence" Chapter 46 pg. 1168 (my additions in bold)

Discontinuity at 15(6)

Analyzing in greater detail the important discontinuity at 15(6) which in the culmination of the Soul Octave at the higher 'Do' which is the Anklad Body:

The final evolution of human growth is to be part of the triune God:

15(6) (IA) (completed Soul) (+)
Anklad Body
(AO) Holy Sun Absolute (-)(AA) Megalocosmos (=)
  • Work on the Anklad Body

    The Anklad Body being at discontinuity 'Sol'-La' which is the Intentional Activation (IA) position of the Body, an octave higher, acts as the Intentional Activation (IA) (together with other Anklad Bodies) as active force with the Holy Sun Absolute as the Alpha/Omega (AO) as passive force and the Megalocosmos as the Automatic Activation (AA) as neutral force; that is the Universal Triune God.

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