Glory and Power to the Universe
that provides food to my Body and breath to my Spirit and light to my Soul.

And for my Body, may food combine with breath to bring cognition to my brain
and may the photons of light ignite the hormones that become the genesis of my offspring on Earth.

And for my Spirit that is Reconciliation and Mercy,
may my breath become emotion and by agape love in my heart and my thymus bring my Resurrection
and may intuition and epiphany in my hypothalmus and pineal gland earn my epitaph in Heaven.

And for my Soul that dwells in Understanding,
may my seven senses, while self-aware, use my parietal and occipital lobes to perform the alchemy of transmuting photons into knowledge
and by means of contemplation and active mentation in my temporal and frontal lobes
obtain the understanding and Gnosis of our infinite Potential.

Praise be to the Triune God!