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Beelzebub`s Tales to His Grandson

Chapter 5 - Spaceship of Archangel Hariton - Being Partkdolg Duty

“The ship on which we are now flying also belongs to this system and its construction is similar to that of all the ships built on the system of the Angel Hariton.

“This system is not very complicated.

“The whole of this great invention consists of only a single ‘cylinder’ shaped like an ordinary barrel. (The physical body)

“The secret of this cylinder lies in the disposition of the materials of which its inner side is made.
“These materials are arranged in a certain order and isolated from each other by means of ‘Amber’.
(The reason for the separation of the three centers with ‘Amber’, comes from the inability of humans to move away from their habitual activities due to the meddling of each center in the affairs of the other, for example, the brain asks for more food than it needs, the emotions cloud the thinking process, the physical expression of sexual desire masquerades as emotion and exalts bodily perfection above the perfecting of thought, etc. Therefore it is necessary that each center be allowed to function independently.)

They have such a property that if any cosmic gaseous substance whatever enters the space which they enclose, whether it be ‘atmosphere,’ ‘air,’ ‘ether,’ (food, air, impressions) or any other ‘totality’ of homogeneous cosmic elements, it immediately expands, owing to the mentioned disposition of materials within the cylinder.

“The bottom of this cylinder-barrel is hermetically sealed, but its lid, although it can be closely shut, yet is so arranged on hinges that at a pressure from within it can be opened and shut again. “So, your Right Reverence, if this cylinder-barrel is filled with atmosphere, air, or any other such substance, then from the action of the walls of this peculiar cylinder-barrel, these substances expand to such an extent that the interior becomes too small to hold them.

“Striving to find an outlet from this, for them constricted, interior, they naturally press also against the lid of the cylinder-barrel, and thanks to the said hinges the lid opens and, having allowed these expanded substances to escape, (the metaphor of a toilet seat is clear) immediately closes again. And as in general Nature abhors a vacuum, then simultaneously with the release of the expanded gaseous substances the cylinder-barrel is again filled with fresh substances from outside, with which in their turn the same proceeds as before, and so on without end.

“Thus the substances are always being changed, and the lid of the cylinder-barrel alternately opens and shuts.

“To this same lid there is fixed a very simple lever which moves with the movement of the lid and in turn sets in motion certain also very simple ‘cogwheels’ which again in their turn revolve the fans attached to the sides and stern of the ship itself.

“Thus, your Right Reverence, in spaces where there is no resistance, contemporary ships like ours simply fall towards the nearest ‘stability’ (Habitual existence causes one to be drawn to the whatever accidental event excites one or other of the centers at that moment) but in spaces where there are any cosmic substances which offer resistance, these substances, whatever their density, with the aid of this cylinder enable the ship to move in any desired direction. (The so-called "Fourth Philosophy" acting in the presence of "impartiality" and "self-observation" feeds the centers.)

“It is interesting to remark that the denser the substance is in any given part of the Universe, the better and more strongly the charging and discharging of this cylinder-barrel proceed, and in consequence of course, the force of the movement of the levers is also changed.

“But nevertheless, I repeat, a sphere without atmosphere, that is, a space containing only World Etherokrilno, is for contemporary ships also the best, because in such a sphere there is no resistance at all, and the ‘Law of Falling’ can therefore be fully employed in it without any assistance from the work of the cylinder.

“Further than this, the contemporary ships are also good because they contain such possibilities that in atmosphereless spaces an impetus can be given to them in any direction, and they can fall just where desired without the complicated manipulations necessary in ships of the system of Saint Venoma. (The ‘complicated manipulations’ are the techniques used by monasteries to compensate for the lack of stimuli of the external world, i.e. catechism and self-immolation or worse: being forced to listen to a boring sermon.)

“In short, your Right Reverence, the convenience and simplicity of the contemporary ships are beyond comparison with former ships, which were often both very complicated and at the same time had none of the possibilities of the ships we use now.”
(This is explained in more detail in Chapter 39)

Chapter 39 - The Holy Planet ‘Purgatory’

“As regards the third Stopinder, then changed in its ‘subjective action’ and which is fifth in the general successiveness and is called ‘Harnel-Aoot,’ its disharmony flowed by itself from the change of the two aforementioned Stopinders.

“This disharmony in its subjective functioning, flowing from its asymmetry so to say in relation to the whole entire completing process of the sacred Heptaparaparshinokh, consists in the following:

“If the completing process of this sacred law flows in conditions, where during its process there are many ‘extraneously- caused-vibrations,’ then all its functioning gives only external results.(Obeys merely ‘the Law of Falling,’)

“But if this same process proceeds in absolute quiet without any external ‘extraneously-caused-vibrations’ whatsoever, then all the results of the action of its functioning remain within that concentration in which it completes its process, and for the outside, these results only become evident on direct and immediate contact with it. (Monastic existence resulting in merely hidden results (Gurdjieff's humor).)

“And if however during its functioning there are neither of these two sharply opposite conditions, then the results of the action of its process usually divide themselves into the external and the internal. (Best atmosphere for Hariton's ship.)

Gurdjieff spaceship image: © 2014 Dylan Stephens

Perhaps Gurdjieff had seen this craft that caused the sudden rush of these most powerful leaders of the Western World to go to Afghanistan, this report continues, was to directly view the discovery by US Military scientists of what is described as a “Vimana” entrapped in a “Time Well” that has already caused the “disappearance” of at least 8 American Soldiers trying to remove it from the cave it has been hidden in for the past estimated 5,000 years.

A peculiar report prepared for Prime Minister Putin by Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) circulating in the Kremlin today states that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has become the latest in a growing line of Western leaders to make a ‘surprise’ visit to Afghanistan this month and follows visits by United States President Obama (December 3rd), British Prime Minister David Cameron (December 7th) and French President Nicolas Sarkozy (December 8th).

A vimana has been discovered in a cave in Afghanistan. It has attracted the attention of world leaders including U.S. president Obama. A group of soldiers made the discovery on a scout mission in the desert of Afghanistan. 8 U.S. troops are missing after making the discovery. FYI a vimana is an ancient flying machine described in ancient Indian Sanskrit epics. The vimana found in Afghanistan is reported to be an estimated 5,000 years old. It is said to be protected by a strange energy barrier that is preventing troops from extracting the vimana.

From the ancient accounts found in the Sanskrit epic The Mahabharata, we know that a Vimana measured twelve cubits in circumference, with four strong wheels. Apart from its‘blazing missiles’, The Mahabharata records the use of its other deadly weapons that operated via a circular ‘reflector’. When switched on, it produced a ‘shaft of light’ which, when focused on any target, immediately ‘consumed it with its power’.

Their method of propulsion, she said, was “anti-gravitational” and was based upon a system analogous to that of “laghima,” the unknown power of the ego existing in man’s physiological makeup, “a centrifugal force strong enough to counteract all gravitational pull.”

vimana spaceship
vimana spaceship drawing

Here is a YouTube song I wrote called "To Wish a Soul" about the need for Being Partkdolg Duty:

Chapter 6 - Perpetual Motion

“Wait! Wait!” Beelzebub interrupted the captain. “This -what you have just told us- must surely be just that short-lived idea which the strange three-brained beings breeding on the planet Earth called ‘perpetual motion’ and on account of which at one period a great many of them there went quite, as they themselves say, ‘mad’, and many even perished entirely. (Died in pursuit of a Soul that would bring external life.)

“I wish very much, my dear Captain, that you would roughly tell me what materials it is made of and how long they can last,” requested Beelzebub.

To this question of Beelzebub’s the captain replied as follows: “Although the cylinder-barrel does not last forever, it can certainly last a very long time. “Its chief part is made of ‘amber’ with ‘platinum’ hoops, and the interior panels of the walls are made of ‘anthracite’, ‘copper’, and ‘ivory’ (Elements that have a predisposition to passive, active, and neutralizing, similar to materials that absorb certain wavelengths of the spectrum to become a certain color), and a very strong ‘mastic’ unaffectable either by (1) ‘paischakir’ (cold) (indifference) or by (2) ‘tainolair’ (heat) (anger) or by (3) ‘saliakooriapa (water) (tears)or even by the radiations of cosmic concentrations. (Other people's vibrations.)
(Thus us, three brained beings, when traveling in Archangel Hariton's ship, absorb the vibrations of the ‘Sacred-Triamazikamno’ (three-foldness) in a state of impartiality as we build our astral and Soul bodies.)

“But the other parts,” the captain continued, “both the exterior ‘levers’ and the ‘cogwheels,’ must certainly be renewed from time to time, for though they are made of the strongest metal, yet long use will wear them out. (Old age.)

“And as for the body of the ship itself, its long existence can certainly not be guaranteed.” (Physical death is inevitable.)

Postscript: I have often heard people say that Partkdolg means "Part dog" implying that we may "die like dogs", but "dolg - долг" is Russian for "debt" and thus Being Partkdolg Duty is one's duty to pay back the debt to God. This debt to God is like one's debt to society that requires you to give back to those who raised you, educated you and created opportinities for you in order that you could work and live in an environment without fear and in good health. Your debt to God is to fulfill the goals that those advanced people before you have set out for you as a roadmap to your Soul and to leave behind the same to those after you.

Gurdjieff humor on that word "Part-Dog" is shown in Ch 41 The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov: "'Look at the figures on the vibrometers of the dog, the sheep, and the goat. The sum total of the vibrations of the dog is three times greater than that of the sheep and half as much again as that of the goat, and in number of vibrations of his general chord of vibrations, this dog has a trifle less than myself and my friend. It must be remarked that among men, especially men of recent times, very many are to be met with who have not even as great a number of vibrations in the subjective chord of vibrations of their common presence as the number shown by the presence of this dog. This has come about because in most of these people I have just mentioned, one function for instance, and, namely, the function of emotion, which actualizes the main quantity of subjective vibrations, is already almost completely atrophied, and therefore the sum total of vibrations in them proves to be less than in this dog.'"

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