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The Science of the Four States of Consciousness

© 2015 by Dylan Stephens

In the first frame of my video above, I present the four states of consciousness from Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous". My wife says I am being too harsh to say Objective Consciousness = 0, so I upped it to1. Yes, perhaps there are times of extreme exhilaration and calmness when this does occur, but it is certainly fleeting.

I am suggesting that you watch the next video by Dr. Fred Travis author of the book: "Your Brain is a River, Not a Rock" (published January 20, 2012). In his talk on this video he gives the scientific proof of the growth and flexibility of the brain. His discussion on brain development from infant to adult is something that should be watched by every parent. It is also a mind opener for adults and teens that explains the erratic behavior of teenhood.

Later on in his talk he shows the data that supports Transcendental Mediation. Growing up with the Beatles, I cannot stop getting the image of "Sexy Sadie" out of my head. Apparently, John Lennon blamed Maharishi for his sexual indiscretions when he was guilty of that himself. Perhaps he was jealous. However, after clearing my head of these images and looking more at the scientific data, I realized that what Dr. Travis was calling "Cosmic Consciousness" was really "Consciousness of Self".

I then realized that TM might be a shortcut for those misguided Gurjdieffians and Ouspenkyists who spend years and years "working on themselves" and "trying to be impartial." (Sorry I have heard those phrases too many times when some brave soul dares to break the oppressive silence in the group to be reassured by the esteemed leader during the question and answer period.)

This video then shows exactly the scientific proof of the state of being-Partkdolg duty (Consciousness of Self). Dr. Travis goes on to show that this is the state that the brain has prepared itself to be in a person's lifetime. Sound familiar to Beelzebub's statements in "Beelzebub's Tales to His Granson" by Gurdjieff!

I hope that this will help you get past the internal mental block of "Consciousness of Self" and realize that it is supposed to be the natural state of the mind and that is possible to reach in so many ways. You should use whatever works for you. It could be by practicing Jesus' path of 'turning the other cheek" and or Buddha's "middle path" or TM. As shown in the video, after a year, you will start living this "Consciousness of Self" in everyday life. "Far out man (woman)!" Yes, it is like a high, but permanent and not acting stupid! (And by the way weed is is not the method to reach it.)

Then you can finally get past this hurdle and work on reaching the "Objective Consciousness" of a Soul. It is that which is rare, not "Subjective Consciousness". When I have it, I will not be I.

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