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Definition of the Second Conscious Shock and
the Five Being Obligolnian Strivings

© 2014 by Dylan Stephens

Note that my lecture above on the missing Stopinder will clear this up in more succinctly.

The Second Conscious Shock is Conscience

Chapter 27 'The Organization for Man`s Existence Created by the Very Saintly Ashiata Shiemash', lacks the clarity of the previous chapter containing the Legominisms of Faith, Love, and Hope. In this chapter Beelzebub lays out the ways of establishing a real organization of humanity that would allow the three-brained beings to be real men and women capable of expressing the sacred being-impulses of Faith, Love, and Hope.

Beelzebub tells of had two monasteries called:
"Tchaftantouri" - "To-be-or-not-to-be-at-all" (the First Conscious Shock)
"Heechtvori," - "Only-he-will-be-called-and-will-become-the-Son-of-God-who-acquires-in-himself-Conscience" (this is the Second Conscious Shock)

If there is any doubt about the 'Second Conscious Shock' being "Conscience', it is mentioned many more times:

1. The need to convince many of the importance of "the impulse of being-objective-conscience"
2. The need to convince others that "the true idea that in the common presences of men-beings all the data exist for the manifestation of the divine impulse conscience"
3. The atrophy of "the objective impulse of Divine-Love"
4. To know how to convince others of "the Divine impulse conscience"
5. Choosing "those who had already sensed the said Divine impulse, consciously by their Reason and unconsciously by the feelings in their subconsciousness, and who had full confidence that by certain self-efforts this Divine being-impulse might become and forever remain an inseparable part of their ordinary consciousness."
6. "Those who had sensed and become aware of this Divine conscience, and who were called 'first-degree-initiates,' he set apart"
7. "The factors for the being-impulse conscience arise in the presences of the three-brained beings from the localization of the particles of the 'emanations-of-the-sorrow' of our OMNI-LOVING AND LONG-SUFFERING-ENDLESS-CREATOR; that is why the source of the manifestation of genuine conscience in three-centered beings is sometimes called the REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CREATOR. And this sorrow is formed in our ALL-MAINTAINING COMMON FATHER from the struggle constantly proceeding in the Universe between joy and sorrow."
8. "In all three-brained beings of the whole of our Universe without exception, among whom are also we men, owing to the data crystallized in our common presences for engendering in us the Divine impulse of conscience, 'the-whole-of-us' and the whole of our essence, are, and must be, already in our foundation, only suffering. And they must be suffering, because the completed actualizing of the manifestation of such a being-impulse in us can proceed only from the constant struggle of two quite opposite what are called 'complexes-of-the-functioning' of those two sources which are of quite opposite origin, namely, between the processes of the functioning of our planetary body itself and the parallel functionings arising progressively from the coating and perfecting of our higher being-bodies within this planetary body of ours, which functionings in their totality actualize every kind of Reason in the three-centered beings."
9. "In consequence of this, every three-centered being of our Great Universe, and also we men existing on the Earth, must, owing to the presence in us also of the factors for engendering the Divine impulse of "Objective Conscience", always inevitably struggle with the arising and the proceeding within our common presences of two quite opposite functionings giving results always sensed by us either as 'desires' or as 'nondesires'. And so, only he, who consciously assists the process of this inner struggle and consciously assists the 'nondesires' to predominate over the desires, behaves just in accordance with the essence of our COMMON FATHER CREATOR HIMSELF; whereas he who with his consciousness assists the contrary, only increases HIS sorrow."
10. The people "not only already knew that this Divine being-impulse of 'genuine conscience' was in them, and that it could take part in the functioning of their ordinary 'waking consciousness,'"
11. All "wished and began to strive with all their spiritualized being-parts to have in their ordinary waking-consciousness the Divine genuine objective conscience, and in consequence, most of the beings of Asia at that time began to work upon themselves under the guidance of initiates and priests of the brotherhood Heechtvori, in order to transfer into their ordinary consciousness the results of the data present in their subconsciousness for engendering the impulse of genuine Divine conscience, and in order to have the possibility, by this means, on the one hand of completely removing from themselves, perhaps forever, the maleficent consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer, both those personally acquired and those passed to them by heredity and, on the other hand, of consciously taking part in diminishing the sorrow of OUR COMMON ENDLESS FATHER."
12. The loss of conscience in 'ordinary consciousness' causes 'Remorse of Conscience' when the seed of conscience, which is still alive in their sub-conscious, becomes active because some selfish action or accident causes pain and awakens it, which is quickly suppressed.

Next are the are so-called the 'being-obligolnian-strivings' which consist of the following five, namely:

The first striving:

to have in their ordinary being-existence everything satisfying and really necessary for their planetary body
To avoid excess in the maintenance of ones existence

The second striving:

to have a constant and unflagging instinctive need for self-perfection in the sense of being
Having the goal of self-perfection

The third:

the conscious striving to know ever more and more concerning the laws of World-creation and World-maintenance
Thirst for the knowledge of "all and everything"

The fourth:

the striving from the beginning of their existence to pay for their arising and their individuality as quickly as possible, in order afterwards to be free to lighten as much as possible the Sorrow of our COMMON FATHER
Conscious labors and intentional suffering - 'being-partkdolg-duty'

And the fifth:

the striving always to assist the most rapid perfecting of other beings, both those similar to oneself and those of other forms, up to the degree of the sacred 'Martfotai,' that is, up to the degree of self-individuality
Acting from conscience

"At this period when every terrestrial three-centered being existed and worked consciously upon himself in accordance with these five strivings, many of them thanks to this quickly arrived at results of objective attainments perceptible to others."

Note that these 'being-obligolnian-strivings' set out the minimum bar that must be reached by all people if they want to call themselves members of the human race, but by no means should they be used as guidance for those who search a higher growth that proceeds from the Second Shock of Conscience which occurs between 'sol' and 'la' in the Universal Octave.

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