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(Gurdjieff's made-up words
with a "hidden voice")

by Alan Bennett "The Solar Geometry of Alan Bennett"

(1 ) Tchaftantouri: he is talking about friends of his who are, among other things, drug abusers. They are the " chafed and dirty " when you hear him say it.

(2) Veziniama: This a very key realization for everyone. " Within, I am." If one is an original sin freak, it could be " With sin, I am."

(3) Kisvasnel: Anti sychophancy admonition. " Kiss of ass in hell."

(4) Asiata Shiemash For years I have translated this as " As ye ought, as ye must ". Now, given the quality of these words to give out new definitions according to how they are probed, I see " I shit as ye mash ".

(5) Heechtvori: My personal favorite, I believe, of them all. What is the duty of a man who has, who really has, a personal " I " ? " He acts worthy."

(6) Fagolished: Another favorite, this one from another book. It is very simply " F--k all this s--t." or maybe " F--k all the s--t."

(7) Toaskooano: " To ask, you know." (From Ch. 41, page 82, lines 5 and 6 of the third book of the three volume set)

(8) Kerbalai-Azis-Nuaran: If you say it out using the Gurdjeffian Russian accent and tone, you get, and very clearly at that, " Curb a lie as isn't warran(ted) ". This to me espouses an attitude toward lying that recognizes the validity of the saying " There is a time for every purpose unto heaven. ". This morality does not say " Never lie." It says " Try not to tell unwarranted lies."

(9) Antkooano: Specifically, the sacred antkooano. We tend to mentally require momentousness to accompany the sacred. Where all beings generally understand all cosmic processes proceeding on all scales, it is known that the very ant shit/ ant guano/ antkooano itself.....and other things of seeming trifling importance..are actually themselves filled with Gods. Also at this sacred level is the flykooano, the gnatkooano, and the mitekooano.

(10) Eckbazerbazerya: Because the psychological truth is.. to eckbazerbazerya ( to act bothered bothers you ).

(11) Solnatchezinoo: Remember... solnatchezinoo ( soul not just in you ).

(12) Iskolunitsinernly: You-need-see-unerringly.

(13) Dzendvokh: Decent folk.

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