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Outline of All and Everything. Beelzebub`s Tales to His Grandson

First Series - To those who are trying to understand Gurdjieff's works,
I offer this help:

© 2014 by Dylan Stephens

Note that the full text is available at: Beelzebub`s Tales to His Grandson
(Links to that text are in the outline.)
(**(1-7) indicate sense descriptions of the passengers)

Visits to Earth according to the Enneagram
First Book
Chapter I - Accidental events created Gurdjieff's "I"

Chapter III - Need to accept accidental events and make the most of them

Chapter IV - Concept of insulating oneself from distracting impressions by faith, hope, and love

Chapter V, VI, VII - The Gurdjieff System and the The definition of being-Partkdolg duty
**1 (Explanation of the Captain ends abruptly when "a SOUND like the vibrations of a long minor chord of a far-off orchestra of wind instruments resounded through the ship.")

Chapter IX - Moon = personality Anulios = I (the essence)
(It is quite probable that the moon was formed by a comet which hit the earth and other fragments might have also orbited briefly,
but this was before life had begun. However, it would appear that Gurdjieff found an ancient record of another moon,
but this would clearly have been due to a comet that intersected the earth's orbit and was trapped for a while -see wikipedia,
Anulios is , therefore merely a metaphor, since no permanent second moon exists.)
(In Chapter 17 Gurdjieff also refers to some fragment of ancient knowledge about the Sun being cold, which is ridiculous and again a metaphor.
See See Ouspensky 'In Search of the Miraculous' starting with Chapter 4 page 80
for the ray of Creation to explain the importance of the Sun and Moon.)

Chapter X - People's incorrect view of the world must be removed before they can be "men", but there are always pre dispositions to act as if they were still there.

Chapter XV - FIRST DESCENT (corresponding to enneagram position 1 at 're')= first center: Body. Mistake of changing the incorrect existence of one's life because your body can only function in that wrong way

Chapter XVIII - Mental manipulations of the fragments of truth

Chapter XIX - SECOND DESCENT (corresponding to enneagram position 4 at 'fa') = second center: Feeling center. How we mistreat our feeling center (donkey)

Chapter XX, XXI, XXII - THIRD DESCENT (corresponding to enneagram position 2 at 're' = thinking center How we use our thinking center for mental fantasies

Chapter XXIII - FOURTH DESCENT (corresponding to enneagram position 8 at 'ti' thus Exioehary) = Emotional body (kesdjanian body or astral body or spirit) Apes and Alkaldan society (most humans are basically apes, a few have grown a spirit body. What came first the chicken or the egg: spirit or flesh?)

Chapter XXIV - XXVIII - FIFTH DESCENT (corresponding to enneagram position 5 at 'sol') = soul (the third body) Babylon discussion of the soul that were pure fantasy as opposed to Ashiata Shiemash's method (Gurdjieff's) for obtaining a soul

Chapter XXX - Art
At the end of this chapter the spaceship Karnak reaches her destination at the planet Revozvradendr.
**2 ("The phosphorescent gleaming of the hoofs was obtained because, concentrated in a particular proportion, there were directed from the engine room to that part of the ship the holy parts of the sacred Omnipresent Okidanokh.")
Second Book should start at Chapter XXXI - The Sixth and Last Sojourn of Beelzebub on the Planet Earth
(This is from the Herald of the Coming Good and the French and Russian versions which is the correct position as opposed to English Translation 1950 at Chapter 29)
Chapter XXXI - XXXIV - SIXTH DESCENT (corresponding to enneagram position 7 at 'la') = "I" (the fourth body - the Soul that must be perfected under the will of God)

**3 (Just prior to their destination the holy planet Purgatory at the end of the chapter "Religion", "They sensed the sour-bitterish taste because a special magnetic current was released from the steering compartment of the ship to inform all the passengers of the approach to the place of destination.")
Chapter XXXIX - THE HOLY PLANET "PURGATORY" - Containing the most information anywhere for the understanding of the universe and the spiritual development of human beings Also contains the Food Octave.

(At the end of the last chapter of Second book "The Bokharian Dervish Hadji-Asvatz-Troov", there was an unforeseen stopping at the planet Deskaldino.)
**4 (Thus the passengers experienced something like a sweet-sour taste in the region of the inner part of their mouths." - This is clearly a dig at America's "Utopia" in comparison to the Utopia of the Holy Planet Purgatory.)
Third Book should start at Chapter XXXXII - Beelzebub in America
(This is from the Herald of the Coming Good which is the correct position as opposed to English Translation 1950 and French at Chapter 40 and the Russian at 41)
**5 ("At this point of Beelzebub's tales, what is called a "crosscurrent" or "agitation" began in the ether which penetrated the whole of the ship Karnak. This signified that the passengers of the ship Karnak were summoned to the "Djamdjampal," that is, that "refectory" of the ship in which all the passengers together periodically fed on the second and first being-foods. So Beelzebub, Hassein, and Ahoon ceased their conversation and hastily went off to the Djamdjampal." - Refers to the agitation with Orage, whom he had sent to run the groups in America and the indigestion that it caused.)
**6 (At the end of the Chapter on Electricity and before Form and Sequence: "There were diffused all along the intersystem ship Karnak artificially produced vibrations which had the property of penetrating into the common presences of all the passengers of the ship and which acted on what are called the "wandering nerves" of the stomach. This artificially produced manifestation was an announcement to the passengers about their assembling in the common what is called "Djameechoonatra," a kind of terrestrial "monasterial refectory" in which the second being- food is collectively taken."
After that Beelzebub goes to his cabin to: "cool his already extremely decrepit tail a little in a certain liquid, to which he was compelled to have recourse from time to time on account of his old age."- liquor! )

**7 (After the "Form and Sequence chapter, "Beelzebub intended to say more, but just then everything was suddenly lit up with a 'pale blue something' From that moment the falling of the ship Karnak began to diminish perceptibly in speed. All this meant that one of the great Cosmic Egolionopties was about to come alongside the space-ship Karnak.")
Chapter XXXXVII - Gradations of reason
  1. Reason of the body "First one fork formed,"
  2. Reason of Feelings (angels have a similar level on a different plane) "then another,"
  3. Reason of Thinking (Degindad) (archangels have a similar level on a different plane) "and then a third, and as each fork made its appearance a clearly perceptible thrill of joy and unconcealed satisfaction proceeded among all those present."
  4. Reason of Astral body (Ternoonald) "As the fourth fork began to be formed on the horns, the tension among those assembled reached its height, since the formation of the fourth fork on the horns signified that the Reason of Beelzebub had already been perfected to the sacred Ternoonald and hence that there remained for Beelzebub only two gradations before attaining to the sacred Anklad."
  5. Reason of Soul (Podkoolad) "All fell prostrate before Beelzebub because by the fifth fork on his horns it was indicated that He had attained the Reason of the sacred Podkoolad, i.e., the last gradation before the Reason of the sacred Anklad."

    (Note here that Gurdjieff a.k.a. 'Belezebub' did not attribute to himself more than just a soul, that's all I have also and perhaps you, too. That is not much to have considering most people consider themselves born with it; which, of course, they are not!)

  6. Reason of God (Anklad)
My song: My Body Kesdjan on YouTube demonstrates the three spiritual bodies:

  1. Incorrect view of world creating two personality types: personality and essence
  2. Atlantis gone - all knowledge disappeared underground
  3. Tikliamish, Gobi desert - lost fragments of truth
Ahoon - a disciple of Gurdjieff who did not have a clue. (Those who think him spiritual, are him!!!)
Yes, hypnotism can manipulate you by acting on your immature essence,
but any Gurdjieff follower who thinks he/she is superior could not harm a fly, so don't be intimidated by "work-speak" or "dance-speak'.
(The Gurdjieff Work does not exempt oneself from following the construct of Love which is common to all spiritual paths.)
Acting with Gurdjieff's personality is not being a perfected being. He admits that he is Beelzebub!
Know the truth for yourself: just read the book "Beelzebub's Tales".
(Those books about Gurdjieff or the 'Work' by other authors or 'students' can distort and confuse.)
This is the only book that has not been changed by followers (with the exception of Book sectioning) .... yet.
Read the Second Series: "Meetings with Remarkable Men" (with a brief tip of the hat to a woman Vitvitskaia, Gurdjieff's Mary Magdalene), it is unchanged also, but please observe how the followers distorted the message with the "Material Question" chapter with the implication that "remarkable men" cheat people. (It was not to be part of "Meetings with Remarkable Men" as evidenced by no chapter number and if one does not count the Introduction which should not have been numbered, there are nine real chapters for each point on the enneagram!)
As to the Third Series: "Life is Only Real when I AM", he never wrote it. Throw the published one in the garbage.
(I can certainly understand why he was not inspired to write it, considering the cold reception of his First Series.
The difficult reading issue that people use to avoid reading it is merely the inability to hold their concentration
on a sentence that is longer than a New York Times newspaper sentence length.)

Hope these notes can help.

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